How to fall in love with a man

There are many ways to make a man fall in love. However, it is also possible to provoke your feelings, if you set yourself such a goal.

First ask yourself: are you ready for the man to command you and realize that you are in his power, or do you want to control the situation yourself and not depend on the original attitude of the man?

Candor with you - important rule on the way to moving forward. Second - thinking through next steps. Any girl wants to manage a man in a relationship, but not everyone succeeds.

In most cases, the girl falls into the trap of her own feelings and affections, becoming dependent on the man. As a result, he pays for it with his pride, status, self-esteem and his own self.

A safe option to find the key to a man’s heart is to become his ideal woman, more precisely the heroine of his sweet dreams and fantasies.

Love, passion, feelings uncontrollable and subconscious, emanate primarily from the man’s head, where there is a constant stream of films about all sorts of variations of his life. Plots for films are selected on the basis of experienced memories in childhood - from viewed films, books read, erotic stories and the first emotional love. And as soon as a girl appears on the way of a man, resembling a character from his film, he immediately has feelings. This can even explain the phenomenon of love at first sight.

So, if you are going to tie a man to yourself, then, first of all, study him and figure out which movie is spinning in his head. As soon as you find the key to this riddle, your chosen one will immediately fall in love with you.

According to the principles of psychology, a man is easy to unravel by what he is silent about, and then, after speaking to him, to understand what he really wants. So you have to learn to be a patient and attentive listener.

Therefore, for the beginning, get rid of talkativeness, speak briefly and in the case, let your chosen one speak out. In reality, people have little interest in the knowledge in which area their interlocutor possesses and what he can tell how much the fact that a person has shown interest in him during the conversation.

Every man needs an individual approach.

For one man, freedom in relationships is important, for another, it is easier to release your companion "to the will" than to go for some kind of rapprochement. Still others want to be considered, almost for God, they constantly admired him and called him the best. Others want to be with the beloved one, and any parting is going through very hard.

The main formula for manipulating a man with the help of his desires is his secret sexual needs. Although it happens that they are absent altogether, but then think, do you need such a fiancé with such a scant imagination?

A bright, enthusiastic woman with a solid lifestyle, who prefers to achieve everything herself, will suit a person who is experiencing a not too active period in life and is waiting for new sensations. Her views on sex and relationships are very bold and modern, and her style of clothing is close to sporting.

A man loaded with work and leading a rich life needs a woman psychologist. Compliant, understanding, serious, able to listen and encourage in a difficult situation. The style of dress is strict, not fanciful, with high heels and gold jewelry.

A successful and ambitious man requires a confident, somewhat bitchy companion. Clothes suit business, not too bright makeup. Activity in solving life problems, independence and straightness.

Next to a man who is created for family life, become a child. Elegant fashion clothes, lots of knick-knacks in the wardrobe. Try to be more romantic and naive, your man is a protector and patron, and you just have to admire him.

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We hope that having embodied these tips in practice, your man will lose his head from you and will be thinking about your meeting every free minute. In any case, remember, if something goes wrong with one man, then there are other men in the world, just look around!

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