How to fall in love with a man gemini

The Gemini men are a very active, restless sign that does not sit in one place for a long time and loves change. They can show interest in almost any aspect of life, and in any case are distinguished by their originality. Sometimes it is very difficult to unravel the true cause of their desires and intentions, they are not happy with anything in their lives, they can be in a charged positive mood for a very long time, although the latter still happens more often. But this is the duality of their nature, thanks to which they attract many admirers to themselves.

Practically for all, Gemini is a very mysterious sign and at times it is very difficult to understand what is on their mind. Many are interested in twins, but they choose to communicate with them already and if someone does not fall under their favor, then they will not adapt to anyone. Very often Gemini exhaust themselves so much that they are just on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but they cannot do otherwise, otherwise they will simply die from inaction.

Despite its complex nature, Gemini always has many friends and they easily make acquaintances. They are always ready to help those who are weaker than them. Twins never like to dwell on any one person, but, nevertheless, they value each of their friends and it’s worth losing a Twin friend and life will become less bright. Twins - one of the most generous signs and love to make expensive gifts. It is in their style to spend a lot of money on the conquest of their next object of love or just a gift to a friend. Gemini is a good sign for relationships and can fall in love with all fervor and passion. If you decide to seduce a Gemini man, then you will have to seduce him with an unattractive appearance, although this is certainly important, but the main erogenous zone of Gemini is the brain.

How to fall in love with a man Gemini?

The passion of Gemini men is communication

  1. One of the distinguishing features of Gemini is his ability to deftly jump from one topic to another in conversation. Sometimes these topics can be replaced with speed, just as his thoughts run through his mind. Because of this, the Gemini man would have been a wonderful multi-faceted interlocutor if he had not tried so hard to defend his case. They can, with foaming at the mouth, prove the correctness of their opinion, resorting to this for all possible tricks and facts, and they may be absolutely unaware that their facts have long been a complete refutation. You should not actively argue with Gemini, maybe he will not show it, but subconsciously harbors a grudge and finds that his opinion is absolutely unimportant for you. Even if you know in advance that he bears complete nonsense, it is better to remain silent so as not to spoil relations with him.
  2. At the same time, Gemini is an incredibly pleasant person to talk to, who will always listen carefully and tell you how best to act in a difficult situation. There are many different jokes and anecdotes in his stock, and it is important for him that his interlocutor appreciate his humor. Just like the Twins love to talk themselves, they don’t mind listening to themselves, especially something interesting. The sphere of interests of Gemini is very different, and if you understand something, you can safely talk about it. But never give your Gemini a long time to be silent, even if you talk about something, then from time to time interrupt, to ask his opinion or advice, they are very fond of when they emphasize their importance.
  3. Sometimes Gemini's passion for conversation can go into the most extreme forms. He can completely forget about the interlocutor and revel in his stories, even without interrupting to learn about the state of the listener. Someone may be offended, but only not by a woman who is about to fall in love with Gemini. She will have to be patient and watch her eyes full of admiration, until Gemini completely speaks out and after the conversation he will have a clear feeling that you can understand him like no one else.

Gemini can't stand stability

How to fall in love with a man Gemini?

Gemini has a passion for change in any area of ​​their lives. And if your relationship starts to develop sluggishly, then it will quickly get tired of him. Because of this, Gemini may seem windy and unstable, but it is not. One woman can arrange them in everything, if with her they receive enough emotions. Many who have been in a relationship with Gemini often give this advice: "if your Gemini begins to move away from you, then call him to relax, hang out, arrange active rest together." They also love a variety of surprises, for this, invite him on a date, but where exactly do not speak. Taking into account that they are attracted by everything new, they are often interested in history, they can be safely invited to go on a trip to another city, to a museum or to an interesting seminar.

It should be understood that the Twins are extremely mobile people, they often have a job that takes too much time, but it’s still nothing if they didn’t have so many hobbies and so many friends who crave their communication. Naturally, there is not much time left for privacy, and the Twins are waiting for a patient and understanding girl who would not get him to ask him where he is and with whom.

If you are ready for the same active life as a Gemini, then he can see in you a very reliable partner. Gemini loves to travel with his lady of the heart - it satisfies his unstable nature. They are attracted to everything new and unknown, so they often fall in love with an unattainable girl who does not pay attention to them or lives in another city. But for too long to pursue a girl is also not in his rules, after several unsuccessful attempts, the Twins can turn their back on the cold person forever.

Usually in their youth, Gemini is very windy and this is true, if they are not fully interested in a woman, but closer to adulthood, they calm down and will no longer run after every skirt that has turned up. And the later their first marriage is, the more likely that it will be happy and continue until the end of life. Give your Gemini the opportunity to feel relaxed in a relationship with you, do not create charts for him, but at the same time try to turn your every date into a mini-adventure, only in this way you can keep your relationship fresh and interesting.

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