How to fall in love with a man-aquarius

Aquarius is easily recognized by a small oddity in behavior, unusual rare hobbies and a dreamy detached look. He is attracted to everything new and original, one has only to touch on his curiosity, as a researcher wakes up in Aquarius. For the men of Aquarius, any conventions are absolutely unimportant, be it social laws or a moral framework, he is his own master and will not allow anyone to tell him how to live.

There are a lot of creative people among the representatives of this sign, whom everyone considers to be half-crazy geniuses, but Aquarius doesn’t care at all about anyone’s opinion. Aquarius seeks to bring all its various and even delusional ideas to life, and as soon as he solves the riddle or simply passes its period of its duration, Aquarius immediately switches to another object of study. This is his whole essence, the representative of the air element, he constantly strives for freedom, freedom not only in relationships, but also in freedom in work, in creativity, in self-expression.

How to fall in love with a man-Aquarius?

Aquarius is not the best sign for a family, because it runs from marriage, like the devil from incense, but he does not deny the existence of love, so that such a man can be lured into their networks.

Aquarius is looking for a special woman

  1. Aquarius is looking for a woman who will constantly torment his restless heart with his incomprehensible behavior, ambiguous phrases that he seeks to unravel. For him, his whole life is a search for hidden meaning, and a woman is no exception. If you are able to interest him with its singularity, then consider that Aquarius is already on your hook. This man may not sleep at night, forget about all his affairs, if he does not know or does not understand something, but there is a risk that as soon as he penetrates the secret of a woman, his enthusiasm will noticeably disappear.
  2. therefore with Aquarius you will have to be special, you must be the one that he distinguishes from the crowd, but not in appearance, but in terms of an elusive pattern of behavior. He wants to be with his woman and feel how his head is spinning from its mysterious energy.
  3. Your task is to keep the halo of mystery around you constantly, otherwise Aquarius, who has got to the bottom of the essence, will already be difficult to keep. He can be extremely persistent and attentive as long as he is in a slight euphoria from you. But when Aquarius realizes that his woman is not so special, he remembers that there are many other interesting things in the world, including other people who want to communicate with him and can tell him many amusing things.
  4. Not every woman can endure such a relationship, it is difficult to constantly feel like an object for research of Aquarius. A woman for him is a book, and after reading it, Aquarius will leave. He can reach the point of absurdity in his thoughts: “Why did she look at me like that?”, “She’s too cold today, what could this be connected with?”. At first it may even flatter your vanity, but soon you will notice that you are not the only object for his research, just as he may show curiosity towards the girl in the supermarket, or his colleague. And here you will have to either put up with such kind of Aquarius and try to maintain your status as an unusual woman, or find yourself a more mundane man.

Do not encroach on the freedom of Aquarius

Aquarius loves communication and flirting, does not mean at all that he is going to engage in physical intimacy with anyone. Aquarius usually has many female friends, in each of which he finds an interesting detail or feature, which often causes misunderstandings: a woman perceives this as an interest in her own person, although in fact Aquarius was not going to cross the framework of friendship. You should not bother Aquarius with jealousy, he will not tolerate it and can leave immediately. In addition, Aquarius does not like insecure women, if he chose you, then why do you think that he will immediately pull to the side. Do not encroach on his personal space, give Aquarius complete freedom in actions and then he will feel complete confidence in you.

How to fall in love with a man-Aquarius?

Aquarius is the most freedom-loving sign, and if you ever put it before a choice: me or freedom, he will choose freedom without hesitation.. Aquarius never puts in the first place the value of love, for it also has a career, friends, hobbies and of course complete freedom of action and movement. He is looking for his companion for the same one, which will happily share his understanding of life: not to walk and hold on to the handle, but sometimes to relax separately, but still be there. He can get together in the middle of the week and go for a walk with friends, or go to the forest for mushrooms, although you were going to go to the cinema on Saturday. And this is the whole of Aquarius, he runs from all the conventions that society and life impose on him.

If you want to marry Aquarius on yourself, then you have to have a lot of patience and it’s not a fact that all this will end with one hundred percent probability. Aquarius can live a lifetime, and not marrying, they just and so well and they do not understand why they even need marriage. They can marry again, just out of curiosity, when everything is already full of life and Aquarius decides to check, and what kind of thing is this - marriage? And do not think that after the wedding Aquarius will become more gentle and sensitive, on the contrary, it can turn into a selfish, indifferent partner. Many women only like healthy jealousy, but do not expect its manifestation even to a small extent from Aquarius. He will not fight for you with another man, rather he will give you a choice, or he will prefer to leave himself. In general, his ideal in marriage is a female friend with whom you can easily discuss any issues.

In women, Aquarius value intelligence

No matter how bright and beautiful a woman is, Aquarius will not be interested in her if she is empty inside and has nothing to talk about with her. Their passion is well-read intellectuals with whom you can communicate on any topic. If it is impossible to hold a conversation with a woman, Aquarius will not speak alone and will quickly get bored. So, to please this man you will have to be constantly up to date, read smart books and be interested in the secrets and mysteries of the universe. Aquarius often pulls on something mystical, and if you are also interested in this, then he will never pass by and will want to share his experience. Also in communication with Aquarius focus on the area in which you consider yourself a professional, this will add you credibility in his eyes. And be sure to mention that in your life an important place is occupied by a career, Aquarius loves independent women.

Aquarius is looking for a woman to embody all his favorite qualities - this is beauty, mystery, and easy cheerful disposition.. At any moment you will have to be ready to give up everything and start a risky adventure with him, he wants to see his companion not only a dreamer, an intellectual, but just as crazy as he is. Aquarius is waiting for a woman who has the same strange ideas in her head, loves freedom and at the same time believes in the existence of some powerful force that will unite two kindred mysterious souls.

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