How to do everything with two children

Those who have one child, know perfectly well how much trouble and work is added after the birth of the baby. Therefore, the idea that with the advent of another child will not have enough strength to raise children, not to clean the apartment, is scary to many. Modern mothers want to "live for themselves", often forgetting that you can feel happy with the children in your arms.

Is it really hard to raise several children? Of course not! It all depends on the inner mood of the parents and the nature of the kids. Think about it: after all, in the old days, 10-15 children were quietly raised in the family, and the peasant woman had time to cook and eat everything, and go to the field, and do the laundry. We will not remember about the aristocrat - after all, she had a whole arsenal of assistants (governess, wet-nurse, cook). And now wealthy families are boldly becoming large families, rejoicing with the advent of each child.

Note a series of rules to keep up with more:

Use modern household appliances.

A washing machine, vacuum cleaner, food processor, aerogrill, electric kettle significantly reduce the time spent on cleaning the house and cooking.

Buy disposable diapers.

If you are of the opinion that the child is better in the sliders or panties, then in the daytime you may well do what you want. But at night it is better to wear a diaper: this will give an opportunity to sleep calmly both for the baby and for you. And sleepy parents, as you know, work much more productively.

Enjoy the benefits of baking.

The advantages of cooking in an oven or a double boiler are obvious: after cleaning and cutting food, you no longer have to worry about frequent mixing of food and standing at the stove. It is enough to note the start and end of cooking time. In addition, food cooked in the oven or a double boiler is much more beneficial than roasted in a pan.

Make a to-do list by priority.

For example, mom needs to rest. But to spend all day at the computer is not the best way to spend your leisure time. Decide for yourself what is more important: take a walk with your child or vacuum in the apartment? Cook all eat or ironed clothes? Can I give up something to free up time? One of my friends stopped ironing bedding with the advent of babies. She tries to post it exactly on the dryer, and then just gently folds on the shelf.

Plan your day.

Undoubtedly, at first it will be quite difficult. But the older child, as a rule, is already subject to some kind of rhythm: time of ascent, daytime sleep, length of walk. Your task: as soon as possible to teach the youngest to the established order. Suppose the senior goes to bed at 13 o'clock in the afternoon. Then the younger one should gradually be taught to fall asleep at least at 11 in the morning, then at 12. And shift the second dream closer to evening. Already at 8-9 months a child can be retrained for one long day nap. In the evening, you can dial one bath for two. If children are heterosexual, it will be a great opportunity to calmly explain the differences between boys and girls, without a strong emphasis on details.

There are advantages in planning: it is enough for a month or two to try to keep to a life schedule, then to get involved in the process and know without any reminders what and how. Children accustomed to the familiar rhythm, more calmly behave. In addition, you can always know where you have free minutes to sit at the computer, when it is most convenient to do the laundry, whether you have time to cook the soup or better cook the soup.

Do several things at once.

Talking on the phone, you can smooth your clothes. The walk is easy to combine with a trip to the bank or shop. Cooking is a great excuse to wash the dishes left in the sink after breakfast.

Close the children on each other when they grow up.

Several evenings spent together with them for the designer, will teach them to play independently. And this will further provide an opportunity to do something else.

Two kids are great! And may you have enough patience and health to make your kids grow up as wonderful people!

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