How to do erotic massage

Close your eyes and plunge into the power of erotic massage ... Wake up desire and lust, give unforgettable intimate moments to yourself and your partner! How to do an erotic massage that can drive you crazy and spark a spark, even in a dying relationship?


Erotic massage is rooted in the ancient East

Erotic massage is rooted in the ancient East, where the separation of manual massage and intimate intimacy was not dictated by society - on the contrary, they were connected. Of course, such a massage can not be called a craft - it is a true art. Knowledge of him is derived from Asian techniques, and these people knew a lot about pleasures - just remember Kama-Sutra, tantra yoga and Taoist practices of love.

India, with its fragrant oils and spices, gave the world the opportunity to smell aphrodisiacs. China's knowledge of the body and the impact on certain reflex points opened the secret of long lovemaking, the ability to control an erection.

Modern people can also learn how to learn how to do erotic massage. Anyone can master the technique of such a gentle and at the same time disturbing impact on a partner.

How to do erotic massage: preparation for the process

Before the session should take into account such moments.

  • Manicure. Long nails can break or injure the skin of your partner, which is rather unpleasant in the absence of orgasmic sensations. The skin of the masseur’s hands is ideally soft and silky, without scuffs and burrs.
  • The arms should be warmed to touch the warm skin of the back or other areas of the body. This rule is one of the most important.
  • When starting a massage, moisturize your hands with cream or oil, rubbing it. But in no case do not immediately apply lubricant to your partner: the sensations are not the most pleasant.
  • It is desirable that the bodies of both partners were pre-washed. In addition to the effect of purity, warm water relaxes, accelerates blood and adjusts to the desired mode.

Go to the pleasant

Fully answer the question of how to do erotic massage, can special courses, video tutorials, books

Fully answer the question of how to do erotic massage, can special courses, video tutorials, books. And we only outline the main nuances.

In fact, erotic massage is a smooth sexual stimulation of erogenous zones. Classically, it is performed on a naked body, but we will not follow the instructions “in an army way”, but we will act intuitively, unconsciously understanding the needs of the second party.


First you need to connect with a partner physically and mentally. Adjust your breathing to the rhythm with him, because he has not yet departed from the cares of the day. Gradually, his intense and frequent inhale-exhale lead to a relaxed one. To do this, put your hands on his lap and slowly slide down to the foot, stretch a little muscle, pressing on the toes. Then place your hand on the pillows of your fingers and press down while stretching the muscles of your calf. There should be a slight fever in the legs.


It should be smooth, moderately strong hand movements along the body of the partner from top to bottom. There are 3 main directions for the back: from the tailbone to the shoulders, to the hip bone and to the armpits. The movements of the hands are symmetrical, equally intense and gentle.

The highlight of the erotic massage are ringed movement. The main movement of the arms - with more force from the bottom up, and then back, but a little easier. And be sure to hint your partner to erotica: returning your hands back, lift your palm and hold only your fingertips. Moving on the back to the tailbone in this way, you can make your partner jump from the current running to the loins.


Performed with the whole palm or its edge, more intense, but still gentle and alternate with stroking. They are more outspoken, they enter the area of ​​the chest, buttocks, and also from the shoulder blades to the hip bones in front. To intrude into the groin territory should be carefully and gently, while keeping your partner awaiting. Several times spend on the usual lines, and then on his intimate area.


Produced by fingertips that move in a circle.

Produced by fingertips that move in a circle. The fingers are folded into such a "brush" and pass upwards along the back, arms and legs. Kneading diluted strokes that relaxes partner. It is good if you also feel some kind of excitement, because here you should be more frank and bold and direct the massage movements to erogenous points: the groin area, the spine, the base of the neck, the chest, and the scalp. It's nice if even at the beginning of the massage you “carelessly” touched them with your chest or accidentally touched your lips. But do not play around - leave the "sweet" at the end of the massage.

The final

Close to the intended final massage, knead, stroke and completely excite the partner, affecting the erogenous points of the body. At the end, add visualization - turn it from the abdomen to the back and stroke the upper part of the body, dropping to the groin and up again - play a little.

Thai massage

Thai massage in the classical sense is not an intimate service, but a medical procedure using important energy channels, which brings the body into balance. Its specificity consists in pressing not only with hands, but also with forearms, elbows, knees, and feet. The masseur produces body flexion and extension to act on deep-seated muscles. "The original dance of the multi-handed Shiva above you" - such reviews are left by the people who have visited the real Thai masters. When pressing on certain points, the work of organs, blood flow and lymph is improved. Usually the session lasts from 1 to 3 hours.

Thai erotic massage

This is a kind of mixture of excitement and relaxation in one bottle.

This is a kind of mixture of excitement and relaxation in one bottle. How to do a Thai erotic massage, close to the original? This is a rather difficult task, requiring knowledge of many nuances. It is no coincidence that Thais say that a woman who owns Thai massage technique has a male subconscious. And yet you can do something.

The whole body is lubricated with massage oil, which relaxes the partner. Next is deep kneading. Be sure to make pauses and light sliding movements touch the body of the partner. Use the "anmo" technique - use your fingers to move the skin, approaching erogenous zones and touching them. The most exciting technique, perhaps, is the Dragon's Awakening - the groin area is massaged with the pads of the fingers, but the genitals are not affected. After 4 minutes of manipulation, you must kneel between the legs of your partner. The completion of the massage will be a "shower" of long hair gliding over the skin.

Nuances of erotic massage

  • Want a hectic and passionate continuation of the massage? Be hot even before the appearance of his "Shah in the harem." Take a bath, massage yourself - get a light buzz before you meet a man.
  • Great smell value. When a partner enters the house, he will first feel exactly that. Well, if it is the aroma of fresh pastries or vanilla. You can light candles / chopsticks or heat a bun in the microwave.
  • Clothes can be different: from peignoir to cute woolen socks - the only ones on the body. The main thing is that you should like yourself.
  • Sandalwood and jasmine in the form of oils have a hormonal effect, and rose, patchouli, and ylang-ylang relieve tension and relax.

Erotic massage is designed to create the necessary surroundings, to deliver sensual pleasure and finally to bring about a full orgasm. And an important exchange of energy between a man and a woman in the vicinity will occur naturally and correctly, as the ancient practices have bequeathed.

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