How to do an erotic massage woman

Erotic massage is not just a healing and relaxing procedure, it is a whole action between two close people. The purpose of his - mutual pleasure, and we are not talking about sexual intercourse, which many seem indispensable end of the session. How to make an erotic massage to a woman and enjoy the process, not every member of the stronger sex knows. It's time to fill this gap!

The right atmosphere for erotic massage

With a little effort, every man will be able to give his woman unforgettable moments

With a little effort, every man will be able to give his woman unforgettable moments that will undoubtedly be properly appreciated and rewarded.

First of all, you need to be aware that intimate massage is a game, a kind of prelude, which does not tolerate haste and fuss, requires preparation, endurance and love. And professional skills of the masseur in this case are completely optional. The most important thing is the desire to please your soul mate, to help her relieve tension after a hard working day, to diversify your relationship, to bring in a bit of romance.

Before you do an erotic massage girl, you need to create an appropriate atmosphere. In the case of representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, this is especially important.

  • The light in the room should be dim, muffled. A desk lamp or a wall lamp can be covered with a translucent material, scented candles should be installed, curtains are preferably hanged.
  • Easy relaxing music (better melody without words) will help you to tune in the right way, discard day cares and unnecessary thoughts.
  • The temperature in the room is supposed to be comfortable. The girl should not be chilly, but excessive heat does not contribute to romance.
  • Place for massage should be equipped accordingly. Not every apartment has a massage couch, but it is possible to do without it, sitting on the bed or on the floor. The surface should be moderately hard, but not hard, comfortable, wide, not very high.
  • For massage, you will need oil or cream to make your skin soft and supple.
  • Flowers, champagne and other romantic attributes are welcome, but not required.

Erotic Massage Technique

On the female body a huge number of erogenous zones located in different parts of it

On the female body a huge number of erogenous zones located in different parts of it. Therefore, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​how to properly erotic massage a girl to give her pleasure.

  • Starting and finishing erotic massage is necessary for stroking. They will help the partner to tune in to the desired wave, remove the possible awkwardness and tension, "turn off" from everyday life.
  • All movements should be soft, neat, as gentle as possible. No abrupt jerks and transitions - massage of one zone smoothly flows into the treatment of the neighboring area. A girl should not feel discomfort and experience unpleasant, painful sensations.
  • How to make an erotic massage for a woman? Start with the foot. A large number of nerve endings are concentrated on the heels and toes, so you should be very careful. Tickling and laughter can destroy the most romantic atmosphere at the initial stage. Recreating the mood will be very difficult. Mash your feet with the pads of your fingers, massage your partner's toes, lightly pressing and stroking.
  • Attention should be paid to the ankles, and then you can go to the calves. The leg muscles are constantly under load - rest and massage will not interfere with them. You can apply a little more strength, and then pleasant warmth and relaxation in the muscles of the legs will be transmitted to the rest of the body, setting the partner to rest. Gradually, you can climb to the hips and buttocks. The movements are the same: alternating strokes and rubbing. You can add light bites, and tender weightless kisses, and clapping-slaps - everything here depends on personal desire and further goals.
  • The back is a special field for activity: there are many points on it that lead a woman to excitement. On the back, stroking, rubbing with fingers and palms, the edge of the palm and light pressure with a fist will be appropriate. Twisting and rolling the skin under your fingers is best left to professional masseurs. Replace them with caresses, gentle intimate touches. Turning the massage into an erotic game, in the process you can use feathers, pieces of ice that cool the heated body, and much more, as fantasy tells. Between the shoulder blades is a very sensitive area, over which you need to work as it should.
  • The neck and scalp respond very well to touch. In these places it is worth confining light strokes.
  • Having offered the young lady to lie on his back, you should not immediately throw himself on his chest and stomach. Hand massage will be appropriate: it will help maintain a degree of arousal, not allowing to slip into sex.
  • Turning to the chest, you should be careful. Not only is there a very tender skin in this place - the effect is on the mammary gland, therefore at this stage the massage is more like petting. Everything that you are used to and that gives you pleasure is appropriate here.
  • Massage of the abdomen and genitals becomes the final stage. The erogenous zones are concentrated on the chest and abdomen, using which one can count on the continuation of the evening in a romantic style.

Erotic massage is good at all stages of a relationship: it will help partners to get to know each other better at the beginning of communication, build trust and show feelings. Spouse with experience, wondering how to do an erotic massage to his wife, will be able to remind her of the former romance. And not necessarily to be created "expensive" entourage. Much more important is the desire to bring joy and pleasure to your loved one.

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