How to diversify intimate life and awaken forgotten feelings

In the life of each couple in love, the period of the relationship is considered the most unclouded and romantic. Gradually, passion goes away, habituation arises, and people no longer feel the electrical discharge that once ran between them.

In this case, it is not at all necessary to conclude that the relationship has been exhausted and those sparks of passion that have sparkled before will never break out. Indeed, one cannot live happy moments anew, but one can enrich their life together with new colors and impressions. Some tips on how to do this, you will read in our article.

Surprise your beloved with new looks!

How to diversify the intimate life and awaken forgotten feelings?

You should never listen to those people who believe that family life can be quite happy without sex. It has been proven that sex contributes to strengthening family relationships, improving mutual understanding between partners. Therefore, it is very important that intimate life always gave pleasure to both, and did not turn into a commitment.

One of the basic rules is to try to change more often: alternate styles of clothing, types of hairstyles and even hair color. For example, well, if from a light romantic blonde can turn into a stunning hot brunette. Make-up will help to quickly change.

In no case can not save on yourself! It is not necessary to spend huge amounts every month to change your wardrobe, but you just need to purchase a pair of lace stockings and a set of erotic underwear.

Change the situation or start a love game!

How to diversify the intimate life and awaken forgotten feelings?

One of the guarantors of a successful intimate life is a change of familiar surroundings. Excellent whet feelings in a car or in a hotel room. Do not be afraid to experiment! You can add elements of games in which both partners will represent themselves by any characters.

Any man will not remain indifferent from a geisha, distinguished by submissiveness, or an inexperienced nurse. Other interesting options are a strict teacher or a representative of the law, the secretary of an important boss or an arrogant rocker. The main thing - to give free rein to the imagination and move away from the usual stereotypes.

You can donate new and incredibly pleasant feelings to your partner using special toys and accessories. You can buy sex toys in any themed online store.

Spend more time together!

Spend more time together!

Under the joint leisure, able to help the spouses get closer, is meant not only the joint cleaning of the apartment or shopping. Watch a movie together! For example, no man will refuse to watch an erotic movie. Perhaps the film will inspire you to new records in bed.

Do not neglect the classic recipes. For example, give the bedroom a romantic atmosphere. The room will have to sex, if it is furnished with scented candles, and the bed is made with silk bedding. You can turn on languid music or scatter flower petals.

Massage with essential oils and baths with foam are the best ways to relax your partner and give him maximum pleasure. Gradually, you can go to lovemaking. A woman should be as relaxed as possible, but at the same time self-confident and relaxed. The result is not long in coming.

Buy your man new toys!

How to diversify the intimate life and awaken forgotten feelings?

Many studies have led to the conclusion that sex toys not only give pleasure to both partners, but also significantly increase trust and mutual understanding between them, and promote relaxation. All this strengthens the relationship in a pair.

You can buy anything you like: stimulants, vibrators, accessories designed for both partners and much more. The choice is limited only by your ideas about what is permitted. Do not hesitate and ask your beloved, what kind of toy he would like to buy.

Any couple must try role-playing games and sex toys. They cause a storm of emotions. Do not be shy to show yourself with a new side: any man will be satisfied if his beloved offers such an occupation. The main thing is not to withdraw into yourself, listen to your partner and be able to give him pleasure, because this is a loved one, but for the sake of love you can go to many things

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