How to determine the size of the ring on the girl's finger

Ancient myths say that the first ring appeared in Prometheus as a token of memory of the torments he endured when he was chained to the rock. Other legends tell about the shepherd Amille, who tied a finger of her chosen one with a blade of grass.

In ancient Sumerians, the ring was a sign of power and reminded people who were in front of them. Anyway, the ring is, first of all, a symbol of memory. We, like centuries ago, give a ring to the memory of our loved ones. There is only one caveat: to wear a ring, you need to guess with its size. So let's discuss how to determine the size of the ring on the finger.

What are the sizes of rings?

Ring as a gift - what could be better?

Ring as a gift - what could be better? But I want the gift to be also a surprise. And now, after much agony when choosing the form and content of the jewelry, there remains another problem: how to determine the size of a finger for a ring?

We need to start with what sizes there are. Gradation of ring sizes starts from 15 and ends at 23. Each subsequent size is 0.5 more than the previous one. For example, the size is 16, the next is 16.5 and so on.

When we talk about the size of the ring, we are talking about its internal diameter in millimeters. Accordingly, the size of a finger is understood to mean its diameter in the middle phalanx, also in millimeters. That is, if the diameter of the finger is 16 mm, then this value is 16 mm for the ring too.

How to determine the size of the ring on the finger at home: basic methods

The easiest and most reliable way to determine the size of a ring on a girl's finger is to go to a jewelry store and ask a specialist for help. You can also resort to using the size table. Measure the girth of a finger, and this can be done using a paper strip 5 mm wide and 10 cm long:

  1. Wrap a finger with a strip.
  2. Measure the intersection of its ends.
  3. Remove a strip from a finger, cut off on a mark, and measure the rest a ruler and choose the corresponding size according to the table.

Note that the data obtained is not the diameter of the finger, but the length of its circumference.

The size
Girth (mm.)

There are several simple ways to determine ring size at home.

There are several simple ways to determine ring size at home. Let's take a closer look at them.

Method number 1:

  1. It is necessary to take a thread 30-40 cm long, do not tightly wrap it 5 times around your finger.
  2. After that, make a mark at the intersection of the ends of the thread.
  3. Remove the thread from the finger and cut the ends of the tags.
  4. Measure the length of the thread, divide the resulting figure by 15.7. The result will determine the size of the ring.
  5. If the value is fractional, then it must be rounded. For a wide ring with a width of more than 5 mm, round up - up to 0.5 cm, for example, 16.1 round up to 16.5. For a narrow ring - rounding down, the same 16.1 round up to 16.

Method number 2:

you need to measure the size of the decoration

  1. If you need to quietly measure the size of the jewelry to make a surprise, you will need another ring that wears your object of adoration.
  2. Measuring the diameter of such a ringlet, you, accordingly, know its size. If there are no measuring tools at hand, just circle the ring around the inner diameter with a pen on a piece of paper, and then go with it to the jeweler.
  3. If there is no pen at hand, but only paper, it doesn't matter. Roll the leaf into a tube in such a way that its size coincides with the inner diameter of the ringlet, after which it is carried again to the jeweler.
  4. If there is no pen or paper at hand, then only one thing remains: put the ring on your finger as tightly as possible and measure this place. In the same way you will pick up the ring in the store.

Method number 3

If it is impossible to get a ring for a sample, only the methods of approximate sizing remain. For example, the size of the gloves.

Glove size S M L XL
Ring size 15.5-16.5 16.5-17.5 17.5-18.5 18.5-19.5

Here it is important to get into the correct range, within which jewelers can subsequently easily adjust the size of the ring. But to make a ring of 19 size, for example, 15, will not work.

And yet, if the ring is bought with a possible adjustment, it should be without moving parts. Stones should not be placed around the entire circumference, otherwise there is a risk that they will fall out during alteration. No need to buy a ring of several alloys of different colors.

How to measure the ring correctly?

As noted above, the surest way to select a ring is its fitting.

As noted above, the surest way to select a ring is its fitting. If we decided on the size, then we should also take a responsible attitude to the fitting:

  • Never take your time, and you should not completely rely on the recommendations of a specialist, because you wear the ring. In the process of fitting note how it sits on your hand, try to wear and remove the ring several times. Follow the sensations: if you feel discomfort, then it is better to refuse such decoration and pick up another.
  • Every person has all the fingers in size. Moreover, the size of the finger may vary slightly during the day. For example, by the end of the day, the fingers slightly swell and grow, so fitting the little ring is best done in the evening, otherwise the jewelry bought in the morning may not be exactly the size by night.
  • You should not buy a ring "with a reserve" in size: firstly, the risk of losing it increases, and secondly, such a decoration on the finger looks ugly.

Give gifts, make surprises about it and just like that. How nice to know that you are dear to someone, and reciprocate! Love each other disinterestedly and selflessly. This is such a rarity in our pragmatic age.

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