How to decorate a wedding procession

Smart cars, on which newlyweds and guests are brought to the registry office, always attract the attention of unwitting witnesses to this event, not only with the sound of car horns, but also with lush decorations. In the old days, the wagons, where the young were sitting, were decorated with ribbons, flowers, berries, hop vine and bells. They were supposed to attract the attention of others and scare away evil spirits. Running horses covered with rich blankets, developing ribbons and ringing bells reported that a very important day had come in the lives of two people. A doll was also attached to the wagon, which the husband and wife were supposed to keep for the rest of their lives, as a ward that takes on all the evil. And, everyone who met a tuple, wished the newlyweds happiness and children.

So, time has passed, and carts with horses harnessed to them were replaced by cars, bells - horns, but the tradition to decorate the wedding procession remained. Ribbons, artificial and natural flowers, balls, dolls ... Here are just rings on the roof and other attributes of a modern wedding are most often rented, and not kept at the bottom of the family chest in spite of evil spirits and envious.

Especially for you, we offer several tips and options on how to decorate a wedding procession so that you and your guests will remember the celebration for a long time.

Black and white color of love in the decoration of the wedding convoy

So, first of all, it is necessary to find out which cars will actually be a tuple. How many, what brands and colors. Newlyweds should ride in the best car convoy. Limo it will be or something simpler - it does not matter. Of course, it is ideal if the car of the newlyweds is white, or at least light. It also looks spectacular when the bride arrives at the registry office on a white one, and the groom on a black car. Red cars look unprofitable in a tuple, so, if possible, place them in the tail.

Flowers in the decoration of the wedding procession

Of course, the best option for a wedding convoy - fresh flowers. Various agencies offer to make countless floral wreaths, boutonnieres, bouquets and garlands. But if you still decide to decorate the tuple yourself, then take care of the reliability of fastening all this magnificence on the machines. Use special car suckers, fishing line, but in no case, scotch tape and any other adhesive tape - take off the paint from the car.

Free roses, lilies, chrysanthemums from the legs and thread them like beads on a fishing line. It turns out something like a flower network (schemes can be found on the Internet and special literature on beading). "Network" secure on the hood of the car. Red flowers look great on a white background car.

Lay out from the opened pink buds of the heart, swans or woven rings, and then in the same order with the help of suckers place on the machine.

Bind together flowers on long legs and place them in a "veil" of light white fabric that resembles a bride's veil. Attach the composition to the hood using all the same suckers. Decorate the car's handles with eye-catching ribbon and color buttonholes.

Wedding Cortege Decor

  • About tapes. Avoid bright fluorescent colors. Bright lime, orange, lemon is better not to use. The most successful combinations: different shades of pink, red with crimson, blue with yellow and red. Naturally, the tape is more convenient to choose in contrast to the color of the car.
  • In cold or too hot season, prefer artificial colors to vibrant colors. In bridal salons for sale a lot of ready-made compositions of artificial flowers. Choose jewelry to your liking.
  • Recently, it has become fashionable to complement the compositions not only with dolls, but also with touching soft toys: bears, hares and other things. Also, the figures can be cut out of foam and put them on the roofs of cars.

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Choose to your taste, combine, improvise, but do not forget that the car of the bride and groom must be the most elegant and different from all.

Good luck to you and all the brightest!

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