How to cope with jealousy and stop being jealous of the past

Of course, being in a relationship with a man, you understand that you are not his first. Before you definitely someone was. You constantly think about it, compare. The worst thing is when comparisons are not in your favor. What to do? How to cope with yourself?

What should not be done when jealousy arises?

On the one hand, it may seem that it is simply impossible not to think about it and, even more so, not to compare. But, instead of the expected relief, this brings only pain and torment of jealousy. In addition, it can lead to quarrels with a loved one. Besides, jealousy scenes are terribly annoying men.

  • No need to constantly tell him thathow much you are jealous of his ex-girlfriend, to his past relationship. And even more so do not ask him about it! Otherwise, you will simply achieve that, with your help, he will begin to remember her more and more often. And think about it even when you do not ask him about anything! And why is it necessary?

  • Some girls to deal with jealousy, trying to be like his ex-girlfriend. That's just not clear - why? After all, he is no longer with her in a relationship - but with you. So you are better, more beautiful and kinder. And becoming like her - you will lose your beloved, as she once lost.
  • Do not let the past destroy your present and future! The past is not going anywhere. It will remain in the past. Besides, you had a relationship in the past!

How to stop being jealous of the past?

  • First of all, accept the fact that there are millions of girls in the world. And among them there is always one that is prettier, smarter or more successful. And nothing can be done about it. But each of these millions has its own destiny. And the one to which are you jealous of your man, no longer with him. So, she was not the person with whom he wanted to spend his life together. So you are the best!
  • Your man is near - not just to be. And for well-defined reasons! Ask him what he likes about you the most and see how he will begin to list!
  • Accept the fact that the past is an experience. Still, it's great, in fact, that you got a man who knows how to do something so that you like it. And if he hadn’t had past relationships, he wouldn’t have known.
  • Do not stand still! Grow, change, grow above yourself! You should like yourself first!
  • Answer yourself honestly to the question: "Do I have doubts that my man loves me?" Most likely, you admit to yourself that there is no doubt! Then do not torment him with your jealousy and suspicions!

  • If you think you need to speak out, do not pour this tub on him. To do this, we have friends who will listen, and then dispel doubts like smoke. A friend knows from the side, so trust her!
  • Think about why you became jealous of his past. Perhaps this happened because he gives you less time than he would like? Then tell him that you miss his attention.Most likely, jealousy will end there.
  • No need to search the pockets and hire a private detective to make sure that your loved one does not want to go back to the past. Learn to trust. Do not make checks.
  • Make your joint stay really interesting! Let the program of your leisure will be rich and interesting. Then he will have no time to remember about the past. Yes, he will not try, most likely.
  • Maybe yourjealousy appeared on the basis of low self-esteem? Maybe it seems to you that you have recovered or lost heart? So what's the deal? Sign up for a nice hair salon. Make a haircut, refresh hair color, go for a manicure. Treat yourself to shopping, sign up for fitness! And it's in the hat! You are beautiful! Is it possible to look at someone else when such a girl is near?

Happiness to you and mutual love without jealousy!

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