How to consciously get married

Often women generously throw mud at their husbands, they are surprised at their shortcomings, they are offended by their actions - and there is a feeling that there is a bright angel in front of you, next to whom it is not clear how a tyrant and a despot found himself who torments him. This article is the answer to all the "angels" who are offended by the fate represented by their own husband.

What are we amazing creatures - women, you do not find? First, we rush in search of our halves, then - having found her, we rub our hands for joy, try on a wedding dress, admire the stamp in the passport, and after a year or two or three or four or five family life we ​​are already complaining about a stranger which suddenly formed next to us, and which does not give flowers, does not help, does not understand "... and still a lot of all sorts of" not. "

And the question arises - "if he is so bad, where did you look before marriage? Why did you marry him?", To which the woman naturally answers, "he was completely different."

Alas, this is just an illusion that breaks very painfully when rose-colored glasses are removed from the eyes. The man was what he was, and remained so. It’s just that a woman married not a real person, but an ideal image that she invented herself, and she fell in love with.

How to consciously get married?

And what to do next? Search for a new man? Or redo it?

The answer is not in a man, not in his behavior, but in knowledge. True knowledge of family relationships, without which it is impossible to create something.

What you need to know when you get married?

Nearby there will always be a man worthy of you man. IS ALWAYS!

No matter how hard we try, we will not be able to draw into our lives a person who is better than us in our spiritual qualities. We get our exact reflection.

What does it mean?

  • What if we are overwhelmed by egoism, the same egoist will be next.
  • If we have low self-esteem, there will be a tyrant and a despot who will offend us with all his might.
  • If we want to command, we get a pair of passive man.
  • If a woman has a cold heart, and she does not know how to love, her husband will run away from the family - into alcohol, into work, into computer games, to his mistress. Etc.

Therefore, it simply does not happen that a demon appears next to the angel. This only means that our angel only pretends to be "white and fluffy", and inside is overflowing with claims and aggression towards himself and others.

Everything that is inside the woman, in her thoughts, everything that is not visible to a stranger’s eye, will be shown by her husband - in her appearance, in her behavior, in her relations to other people.

What you need to know when you get married?

Husband gives us God!

It can not be won in the lottery, your meeting can not be programmed, cast a spell, a man can not be obtained just because you want it.

Each couple meets at the will of God, which means the meeting will take place only when God wants it, and when both partners are ready for it.

It makes no sense to look at every turn in the hope that your fate awaits you there. It is important to prepare for marriage.

When does a woman get a husband?

  1. If it is filled with love. When a woman has enough love to create a family, when she thinks about giving her heart back to another person, and when she lives that way - she shines for others, shares her love, dreams of family, children, studies the necessary knowledge about , how to become a good wife, she will definitely have fans. Men flock to the skills of a woman to love. Such a woman is able to attract a good person to her and create a harmonious family, if she does not stop at what has been achieved.
  2. If she has a serious problem that she can solve only in a pair, she pulls in a man who will help her to better see her problem, next to which she will show up best. These are the so-called karmic marriages in which many conflicts and problems arise. If the spouses overcome them, and do not destroy the relationship, they get a chance for future relationship (with each other or with another partner).

When does a woman get a husband?

What does this look like?

For example, a woman can not tolerate alcoholics. Her dad drank and the girl absorbed hatred for him along with her mother's milk. Naturally, her husband will drink. And if she can treat him with love, if she passes these lessons, and does not close in hatred of her husband, which she will pass on to her children, the husband will either stop drinking or she will meet another man, more worthy.

Or one more example - a woman needs to experience the experience of a single mother in order to work out her past actions. In this case, she will attract into her life a man who simply cannot live with her after the birth of a child, and will leave the family. If a woman is able to forgive him and not blame her troubles, she will get a chance to start a family. He will start watering him with mud, consider him guilty of everything - he will carry the cross of loneliness all his life, or repeat the same scenario again with all the other men.

The mistake of many women is to look for problems in a husband, which comes dishonestly. This is a dead end. You can change dozens of husbands, but if a woman does not change inside, does not change the source of the problem, she will again and again encounter scoundrels and traitors.

We bring our problems to the family with us, and we need to look for and correct them in our character, and not carefully remove straws from our partner's eyes.

Changes in a woman lead to changes in a man

Family partners are like communicating vessels - all the changes that occur in one of them will necessarily affect the other. If we change, if we improve our character, if we make an effort to ourselves, we will see that the partner is also changing. CHANGES OF ONE POSSIBLE CHANGES AT ANOTHER!

If our mentality "change first you, and then me. Maybe ...", we will meet the same selfishness from the other - he will wait for changes from us.

Changes in a woman lead to changes in a man

All this applies equally to men. When we change, when our heart is filled with love, the world around us turns into an oasis of peace and Good!

Finally a good parable in the subject:

Parable about coffee

A young daughter comes to her father and says:

- Father, I am tired, I have such a hard life, such difficulties and problems, all the time I am swimming against the current, I have no more strength. What should I do?

The father instead of the answer put on fire three identical saucepans with water. One threw carrots, another laid an egg, and the third poured coffee. After a while, he took a carrot and an egg out of the water, and then poured a cup of coffee from the third pan.

- What changed? he asked his daughter.

- Egg and carrots are cooked, and coffee is dissolved in water, - she answered.

- No, my daughter, this is only a superficial view of things. Look - hard carrots, visited in boiling water, became soft and pliable. The fragile and runny egg has become solid. Outwardly, they have not changed, they only changed their structure under the influence of similar adverse circumstances - boiling water. In the same way, people who are strong can outwardly become unstuck and become weak where fragile and tender ones will only harden and grow stronger.

- And coffee? - asked daughter.

- ABOUT! This is the most interesting! Coffee completely dissolved in a new hostile environment and changed it - turned into a great aromatic drink. There are special people who do not change under the influence of circumstances - they change the circumstances themselves and turn them into something new and beautiful, taking advantage of and knowledge from the most difficult situation.

We wish you all the necessary changes that fate offers us. Then we will become internally stronger, wiser, with renewed life values, if we are open to all changes in life, and take all events from the positive side. After all All difficulties and tasks are given to us for our development and movement forward!

Good luck to you!

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