How to choose wedding rings

For many centuries now, a wedding ring has been a symbol of love and marital fidelity. Orthodox wear it on the ring finger of the right hand. And this tradition came from Ancient Rome, where they believed that it was in the ring finger that there was "vena amoris" - "the vein of love", which goes straight to the heart.

Since ancient times, it has been said that the groom buys the wedding rings, but nowadays he alone can simply become confused in the variety of "complicated jewelry" presented in jewelry stores. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken with either the form or the size, organize a joint campaign for the cherished rings.

A wide selection of wedding rings

If earlier wedding rings were a wide or medium width gold strip, nowadays a huge assortment of rings will puzzle anyone. They are made of various precious metals, such as white, yellow and red gold, silver, platinum, which can be combined in one ring. Inlaid with various stones, decorated with unusual patterns and engravings.

The shape, style and design of wedding rings

First of all, decide what form you want to ring - classic or something avant-garde. Massive or elegant, with or without stones ... And also decide on the metal. Platinum is the purest, but also the most expensive metal, red gold is a classic, and if, for example, in everyday life you like to wear silver jewelry, then you should stop your choice on white gold - the product from it will not stand out against the background of silver.

In a relaxed atmosphere, slowly, try on some of the rings you like most. By the way, it is not at all necessary that the newlyweds' rings be identical. Male can be made in a completely different style, or be simple, traditional, and yours, on the contrary, original. But keep in mind that designer refinement is no different from just a ring, and if you want the ring to carry more "engagement", then stop at the traditional smooth red gold, but encrusted with small pebbles or with exclusive engraving. For example, with your names, or the inscription "I love you, Sergey (Vasily, Ivan, Eugene)" - choose the right one. Now how correctly to determine the size.

How to determine the size of the wedding ring?

To choose a wedding ring of the right size, First of all, Keep in mind that the size of your finger changes depending on the weather, humidity and time of day. Therefore, trying on and buying a ring in the winter, when the fingers barely warmed up, you risk then resorting to putting it on "with soap", because in the cold, the fingers become narrower. It is impossible to correctly determine your size, if you recently took a shower, because after visiting it, as well as after playing sports, large fluid intake, carrying heavy bags, fingers can swell and swell. The ideal time to try on is the evening, the end of the working day, when the hands returned to their normal state.

So, you are already in the coveted store. Be prepared for the fact that the size of the ring indicated on the tag may differ from the actual size. It can vary in the direction of plus and in the direction of minus, forming a decent error. Thus, having come from one store to another, you may be surprised that for some reason the ring of “your” size does not fit. Therefore, do not rely on the number indicated on the tag.

Secondly,Note that it is necessary to determine the size on the rings of the width that you will wear. So, if you want to buy or order a 10mm wide wedding ring, and try on a 4-5mm wide ring, you will need to add 0.5mm to this size, since a ring of this width will not sit next to the joint, but next to the phalanx, where completely different size. Therefore, for every millimeter of the width of the ring, add 0.1 mm size.

Thirdly, ring sizes are strongly dependent on the internal shape, the profile of the ring. In Russia, most of the main attributes of a wedding are made with a flat profile, while imported inside are convex, rounded. Such a profile is called a "comfort fit", or a comfortable fit. Such rings do not cut into the finger when it swells, they sit well, and subsequently, if it becomes necessary to increase the ring in diameter, the inner surface can be polished to the desired size. And this is important, since rings with stones, for example, cannot be increased in another way. Rings with a comfortable fit more in size than the same with a flat profile.

Let us return to the metal from which the product will be, or rather to its sample. The sample indicates the content of noble metal in the alloy. Higher - 958, but it, like 750, is rare. The most popular are 585 and 583. If possible, do not save on quality, because the wedding ring you wear all your life. Remember that the pad for wedding rings you can sew yourself! How to do this, read here!

I wish you happiness, love and all the very, very bright!

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