How to check a guy for loyalty

What qualities can you name if you describe your ideal man? Reliable, caring, loving, responsible, generous and, of course, true. No girl wants to see next to him a guy who will change right and left, so it’s very It is important not just to believe your loved one, but to have some real evidence of his loyalty. And here the question arises, how to check the guy for loyalty?

A way to check a guy for loyalty - to leave unexpectedly

Stun him with the fact that you need to urgently go somewhere - for work, business or you need to go visit a relative in another city. Of course, you don’t take him with you, and ask your girlfriend in your absence to watch what your darling does. If you leave, your boyfriend will relax and, if he is capable of treason, he will try to use this chance. And your girlfriend will become a private detective for this period of time, by the way, if you are allowed money, you can hire a real private detective, and his watchful eyes will not miss a single step of your boyfriend.

Another way to check a guy’s loyalty is to suddenly cancel an appointment.. A couple of hours before the appointment, suddenly report that you have urgent business. When you tell him this, listen to his voice, if he is upset about this. Then after a few hours call back your loved one and say that you managed to solve all the cases and you are ready for the meeting. Would he or he noticeably be nervous, and did he have things that he could not put off?

Check the guy on social networks

This method is one of the simplest, and most importantly, your boyfriend will not be able to make any claims to you, even if he guesses that it is you, because everything will be anonymous. Get yourself "left" Profile in "Vkontakte" or "Classmates" where your boyfriend is registered. Put a photo of a girl who would meet the tastes of your faithful, and start with him an easy flirt by correspondence. You can ask him if he has a girlfriend, what is their relationship and how does he feel about cheating. Only it is necessary to ask of course, not at the first message, but slyly and unobtrusively. Then you can hint at a meeting, but keep in mind that such a correspondence does not mean the fact of treason.

Verification of fake method

This method can most accurately show how your boyfriend is ready for treason. For him you will need a pretty girlfriend with whom your boyfriend is not exactly familiar. Ask the girl to meet him and, if possible, make sure that they have a conversation during which they would exchange phone numbers or agree to go to a cafe. If a guy values ​​you and your relationship, he is unlikely to agree to meet with another girl.

Verify your loved one's phone

Checking the phone is the most common way to find out if your boyfriend is capable of treason, but he will not prove with absolute probability the fact of betrayal, because many guys are very resourceful and delete all the contents of suspicious SMS.

But maybe you will find him at a time when there will be a lot of evidence on his phone. Here you can act in two ways: take his phone right in front of him, and if he is nervous and asks you not to climb other people's things, then think about it. When a person has nothing to hide, he will not worry about his phone. Another way - pick up the moment when your favorite leaves the phone unattended and check the entire list of messages, incoming and outgoing calls.

These ways will help you test your loyalty and already, then decide whether this person is suitable for building solid, serious relationships.. But nevertheless, decide for yourself if you find out the truth, will you be ready to end the relationship, or can you still not know the whole truth, but live peacefully?

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