How to call a loved one

Not only women enjoy sweet words and appeals. Most of the fair sex calls their lovers "cats", "bunnies" and "suns". But banal names are already pretty tired.

Call a loved one by name

Psychologists, conducting numerous tests, came to the conclusion that for a person most the sonorous word is own name.

If your boyfriend do not like any kind of affectionate nicknames, You can call him by name, or think of different variations of his name.

Names derived from animal names

  • If your young man is hot and explosive, you can try calling him a dragon.
  • Another affectionate is not banal nickname - penguin. But God forbid you to call your lover so much so if he has any problems with his walk. Otherwise, it will be regarded as a mockery.
  • Kitty, bunny - yes, trite, but why not call your loved one like that?
  • Crocodile is also an option.

How to find out what treatment your loved one likes?

  • To start, think whatever gentle appeal might please your boyfriend.
  • If you even have no idea what appeal would be attractive to him, try asking him directly. Just choose the right moment. You should not ask him about it in the presence of his friends or parents.
  • Think about the kind appeal you like. Now change the ending to the masculine gender, and see if it sounds sweet?
  • Do not call your young man a word that can be regarded as an insult or rudeness.

Names of compliments for your favorite guy

Here is compliment names, among which you can choose the one whom you will call your boyfriend:

Hot, magical, long-awaited, appetizing, delightful, single, sweet, desired, perfect, golden, exceptional, beloved, beautiful, affectionate, tender, reliable, beloved, incomparable, extraordinary, adorable, sugar, dear, sweet, sunny, bold, smart, amazing, pretty, chic, wonderful.

How to call a loved one, depending on the situation?

  • If you want to distract your boyfriend from something, use for this some unusual word, which will make your boyfriend get distracted.
  • If a young man does not have high self-esteem, call him by such names that will help him boost self-esteem. For example, my hero, hero, Hercules.
  • In moments of special tenderness, whisper in his ear: "Sun". It will be very nice!
  • Remember the fact that most men seem most enjoyable such nicknames, as "beloved" and "cute." In addition, they believe that these affectionate nicknames can be used in a crowded place, when, as some of the appeals are relevant only in private.

  • If your boyfriend has a good sense of humor, you can try calling him such sweet words: Busik, Bublik, Honey, Musik-Pusik, Drakoshka, Feychik, Sparrow, Zelibobik, Zlyushka, Darling, Spy-button, Elephant.
  • The word you can call your favorite guy, most likely, it will come to your mind completely spontaneously. In a moment of tenderness ...

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As byvats did not name the beloved boy, the most important thing is that both of you like it. And let it be commonplace, but so pleasant!

Be happy!

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