How to break a love triangle

When we look at a similar situation from the outside, it seems that one triggered decision can break a triangle, but everything is not as simple as it seems. No one is insured to get into it, and when we are in its networks, we lose our sanity and can be in this state for a long time. Usually, when we talk about a triangle, we mean a more common situation - a man and two women, but today we will talk about a triangle a woman and two men. How not to make mistakes and understand your feelings?

Why it happens?

Why is it that the partner, to whom she had previously experienced crazy emotions, and did not allow her to change, now seems not so interesting and attractive? It is at this moment that another man suddenly appears - he is a new unread book, like a magnet pulling you towards him. Immediately there are thoughts about the old partner, is he really your second half, because when you love something you don’t look to the left, and if you look, it means that he is not so loved. Stop, stop at this moment! Eternal love to the grave is only in fairy tales, and in life there are periods of passion and calm. On the contrary, it would be somehow strange if all your feelings and emotions were reduced to only one man of the male sex. And since we are constantly in a social circulation, it is not surprising that our attention can be riveted to other people. At first, we can simply be intrigued by the similarity of interests and begin to communicate freely with a person, then this communication can turn into an easy flirt. Well, and then the moment is not long when you catch yourself thinking that you are attracted to another. This may not necessarily be the desire for sex, you can simply feel the need to be constantly with this person, to get to know him better. And this is where the spiritual torment begins about this, and what will happen if my darling finds out about it, how can I look into his eyes later. What to do in this case? Some hold the opinion that it is impossible to wish for one partner all my life, in love, as food needs variety. We do not promote such a point of view, but we advise you to listen to your own heart. Understand yourself, maybe you just do not have enough communication and flirting on the side, and betrayal goes against your beliefs, then you should not overstep yourself. And to someone the attention of a third person will be completely unpleasant, so in such a situation, act in harmony with your inner world.

You went too far

But what if you succumbed to the temptation and crossed the forbidden line? You must realize that perhaps the former relationship with your partner will not be returned, that is, determine a step for yourself that can put an end to your old relationship. Put the former relationship and new hobby on the scales, what is the last thing for you - a fleeting passion or a new love? If these are truly true feelings, then you should not hold on to the love that has passed because of the fear of hurting a loved one. It will be much more painful for him to know that you have betrayed him for a long time.

What did you find in the new man?

Carefully mentally examine your new object, consider and think about what attracted you so much. Often on the side we are looking for people with such qualities that we lack in a partner. And here the question arises: try to get what you want from an old partner, or from a new one. As an option, you can of course deal with such emerging desires and treat it as just your fad, but not now, and then you will be woken up by a disgruntled girl who will stamp the foot and demand change. Only from the very beginning there are no illusions that the new man will surpass the old partner. Perhaps there will not be such flaws in him that the former man had, but he definitely will not be perfect and will not be able to suit you one hundred percent! Moreover, if you firmly decided to leave your partner, then no one will give you guarantees that your new intrigue will grow into something serious, so if you decide to leave, do not go into the unknown!

It also happens that we are drawn to another, not love, but a thirst for new sensations and a lack of adrenaline. Maybe you are mired in the daily routine? In order to overcome it, it is not necessary to run to the left, direct your energy into creativity, work, change your image or find a hobby that completely absorbs you.

As you can see, to desire another is not at all criminal, it is absolutely natural for human nature. How your situation will develop is unknown, it is important that being in it you will get invaluable experience. Maybe it’s so that one day you take off your rose-colored glasses, look at your passion in a new light ... and you will understand that you don’t have any feelings for this person, and your former partner, who is so annoying to you, is the most loved and close to you person. Awareness of this will only make your feelings stronger. Of course, giving advice from the outside is always easy, but in reality the situation can be much more complicated. Trust yourself and your own feelings, because this is your life and no one except you will understand it!

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