How to become famous

Since childhood, have you been dreaming of sparkling in the glory of glory, having a bunch of fans, seeing your photo on the covers of glossy magazines and having all the other attributes of a famous person’s life? The surest way to this is to choose the right profession. What does one need to become to wake up famous one morning?


Of course, desire is one thing, but it must be clearly correlated with its data and capabilities. You may have short stature, a tendency to be overweight and at the same time be a beautiful and incredibly charming girl, but still the modeling business has its strict requirements and if you have a height below 172 cm, and the parameters are far from ideal, then, alas, break into this business will be very hard. There are also age restrictions - the peak of a model career falls on 17-27 years. Although there are exceptions, there are models of only one person, where the parameters of the figure do not matter and there are examples of models whose career rise begins after 25 years.

Everyone knows such names as Natalya Vodyanova, Irina Sheik, Natasha Poly, Evgenia Volodina. These are Russian girls who managed to make a model career abroad and now the whole world knows their names. And this is the result of their tremendous hard work, talent ... and good luck. Thousands of young and promising girls put all their efforts to get closer to their success, but not everyone can. But if you are ready for competition, constant improvement of your figure and appearance, permanent restrictions, then you can begin your way to glory in this way! And even if you fail to become a star on a global or Russian scale, your star may shine on the scale of your own city.

First, you need to enroll in a model agency and make yourself a good portfolio, and then not be lazy and try yourself at various castings and competitions, perhaps this is where you will be noticed.


If you are not going to open your mouth to the soundtrack all your life, then you will need to have a good ear for the work of the singer and be ready to spend long hours at rehearsals. This implies that you have musical education and the ability to play at least one instrument. If until now you were in no way connected with the world of music, then it’s not too late to enroll in a music school or school. But note that you will have to study there for at least a few years. You need to learn not to be afraid of the stage and to try your hand in public whenever possible.

Not all singers or female singers are invited to television, but they are often in demand at concert venues, nightclubs, and theaters. It is often important to have connections or having friends from a creative party, who can see your talent and help in promotion.

TV presenter

The TV presenter should have not only a clear diction and expressive voice, but also have a pleasant appearance. Now there are a lot of areas where you can try yourself as a TV presenter - these are various news and entertainment programs, talk shows, reporters broadcasting information from the scene. If you do not possess the innate ability to communicate with the public and the speech, then journalism education is not enough. But even with education, no one will immediately take you to television without work experience, so you have to establish yourself as an active and creative specialist.

Much depends on who exactly you want to work: the talk show host should be moderately bitchy and keep the public in suspense, the news presenter should be able to speak dry facts and behave very restrained, and the morning program presenter should be positive and give everything your smile and good mood. It takes not much time to relax in front of the camera, but you can begin to perfect the skill of improvisation in oral speech now. By the way, besides television, there are now many online projects where you can also try yourself as a leading video show.


Writing is creativity, and talent cannot be avoided here. You can graduate from the Literary Institute, but with all this, do not write a single outstanding work. Now it is very difficult to surprise the public with something, and therefore, in order to break through in this field, you need to write a work that would stand out in style and genre among others. You can certainly write tearful love stories all your life, but it’s unlikely that you will rise to a level above the ordinary writer that no one really knows.

To be a writer, it is not enough just to be able and to love to write, you have to constantly improve your literary intelligence by reading classics, modern works, various Internet blogs and posting your own works on the Internet and knocking on the doors of editors.


At the mention of this profession, we immediately present a crowd of fans running behind their idol, flowers and serenades under the windows, regular photo shoots and invitations to the coolest events. But not everything is so perfect, only a few manage to get through, the rest can go to castings for years in an attempt to play at least in the cheapest TV series. Without acting education in this profession there is nothing to do, the maximum that you can do is to act in extras.


If you have been involved in dancing since your childhood, you adore the stage, and only when you hear fiery music, you start dancing, then this profession is for you. In order to feel like the queen of the scene, it is not necessary to rush to a large dance floor, any club will willingly hire a girl with good dance and external data. In principle, such a profession is usually well paid. Here all women's dreams about the scene are embodied - bright costumes and make-up, a storm of emotions, complete dedication and of course admiring men's views. From the minuses of this profession, long and sometimes painful workouts, as well as the fragility of work on the dance scene. With age, it is increasingly difficult to endure physical exertion and ignite before the public.

In life it is very important to have a dream, otherwise it loses all meaning. But being just famous is not a dream, and if you only dream of fame, then you are unlikely to succeed. Find your true dream, and the glory will come to you later by itself.

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