How to become a model

Many girls dream of becoming a model. It gives you the opportunity to travel the world, be aware of and center of fashion events, participate in shows and just be desired and recognizable. But this is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It is not enough to have perfect forms and beautiful appearance, it is important to apply maximum effort and work to your modeling career.

How to become a model: tips

How to become a model?

  • Initially, you need to decide on the choice of model school or agency. True, training in them is not at all necessary. It happens that some abilities are given to girls from nature. And sometimes you have to learn one or another skill. The optimal age for starting a modeling career is 12-14 years. True, some models started much later.
  • When choosing a school, be sure to check with her license and read reviews on the Internet. In vocational schools of this nature, the number in the 1st group should not exceed 15 people. Not everyone can get a casting at a model school. You have to show your skills, the ability to pose, walk on the catwalk, etc.
  • Training lasts several months, after which you will have a more difficult step - the choice of a modeling agency. Some schools collaborate with agencies and offer their graduates contracts. This is especially convenient.
  • If you decide on your own to choose a modeling agency, you will have to rely on your luck, natural data and abilities. The prestige and recognition of the agency determines the number of your future photography and shows. The agency should become an intermediary between you and the customer, as well as provide security and select interesting options to match your abilities.
  • To get to the modeling agency you need to come to the casting and show yourself. Do not despair if you were refused to be taken from the 1st time - this does not at all mean that the model’s career is over. Here is exactly the same as in the job search. You need a lot of unsuccessful interviews, until, ultimately, you will not be accepted to the position to which you have been going for so long.
  • Remember, to become a model you need to work long and hard, to be confident in yourself and your success. Photomodels are those girls who are not afraid to show themselves, to be different and liberated.
  • To become a model you just need a portfolio. Portfolio is a real business card. It consists of several dozen photographs taken by professional photographers, A4 size. In Russia, a good portfolio costs about 300-2000 dollars. Abroad - at times cheaper, and the quality of photos, makeup artists and stylists - much better.
  • Portfolio photos should present your strengths, i.e. attention may be drawn to your figure, face, and other features. There may be several images, they should characterize you as much as possible and show your acting data.
  • Composite is another 1 element of the portfolio, where 4 best photos from the selection, personal information (name, country, city, contact details, parameters, etc.) are placed.
  • The photo model should have an attractive appearance, be artistic and photogenic, have impeccable taste and not be afraid of failures. Do not think that if you have found a good modeling agency, you can now relax. You yourself must go to the casting, submit yourself correctly. Remember, to get a good and profitable job, you need to invest in yourself a sufficient amount of money. You yourself must create your wardrobe, learn the basics of makeup, take care of yourself, etc.
  • Persistent and ambitious models have much more chances to really achieve something on the podium. Such a girl will never miss either the 1st casting or the 1st show.

Learning to be photogenic: the principles of a successful frame

How to become a model?

Many girls wonder - how to become photogenic? It is not enough to have a bright appearance to look good in photos. It is important to be individual, do not hesitate to express emotions during the shooting. Avoid boring facial expressions, boring poses and unnatural smiles.

To work well on photos, pay special attention to hair and makeup. Remember that the makeup should be different from the usual everyday (be a little brighter). Do not be lazy, before shooting, once again powder, make up lips and comb your hair.

Avoid too tight and spacious clothes - in the photos it highlights all the flaws in the figure. If your teeth are not very even and beautiful, do not smile with a full mouth. Try not to be photographed in close-up, because all the imperfections of the skin will be visible.

Successfully selected perspective is the key to success in the photo. To become photogenic, it is important to know your successful and not successful angles. To do this, look at the photos where you like yourself and remember the poses, facial expressions, etc. Pay attention even to the smallest details, trying to repeat them at the next shooting. You can first train in front of a mirror.

Learn not to look directly into the camera, although it is not so easy to do it. Having learned to behave naturally in front of the camera, you will be pleasantly surprised by your photos.

Some useful tips:

  1. Do not take pictures in the early morning, otherwise the face will be too swollen;
  2. The day before the photo shoot, do not eat salty foods and alcohol;
  3. If you wear glasses, give preference to accessories with anti-reflective coating to see your eyes.
  4. Be relaxed, natural, often smile and experiment, then you will surely get successful shots.

We build a career of fitness models

With the popularity of fitness, the fitness model has become a sought-after profession that can make good money. To achieve this, you need to follow some rules:

How to become a model?

  • First, your body must be perfect in every sense of the word. All muscles must be toned, pumped, and the skin is elastic and supple. So, you have to train hard and eat right. In this case, you will not be able to do without a personal nutritionist and trainer. In addition, you will have to spend money on a subscription to a fitness club and special clothes.
  • Keeping the body in shape is much more difficult than to bring it into such a shape. When you achieve the desired results, support them. This can help you a strict diet, where you need to count proteins and carbohydrates. You may have to abandon the main work, fully immerse yourself in the fitness industry.
  • You will have to completely give up bad habits (alcohol, smoking, fast food, etc.). To become a fitness model, you need tremendous willpower to go to workouts every day and even several times. If you knock down your schedule, then all efforts will come to naught.
  • You will have to normalize your sleep - go to bed before 10 pm and get up at 6 in the morning. You need to keep a diary of training calorie counting, writing down everything you ate in a day. This is necessary in order to make an exercise plan for burning carbohydrates.
  • Do not forget that any model, even fitness, must have photogenic skills. Beautiful body, it's useless without it.
  • Fitness models need a portfolio. It may take years, because you first need to put in order the skin, body and face, and then spend time searching for a professional photographer specializing in this role.
  • You just need to be an agent who will look for customers for a certain percentage. Of course, you can try to do everything yourself, but it is unlikely that you will have so much time.
  • The perfect body without a perfect hairstyle will not look. You will have to abandon hair coloring - in the fitness industry prized above all naturalness. If you are highlighting or coloring, you will have to return your original color to your curls.

Many girls dream of a career as a model, but only a few succeed in gaining popularity and demand. You will have to work hard, spend enough money on yourself and learn how to cope with stress. Remember that models have to limit themselves in many ways, and not every girl can stand it. Go to your goal and you will succeed!

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