How to avoid a quarrel during repairs

How good it would be for us, women, if our one and only dear world perceived the same way as we did. And there would be no problems! And the repair would not turn into a battle of Kulikovo, and would pass much faster. But, unfortunately, not always everything is as we would like. Therefore, we argue at the screens of monitors, ordering tile for the bathroom. We wave our hands, explaining how great this chandelier will look in the bedroom. Let's still think about how to carry out repairs, and at the same time do not quarrel? How to maintain a relaxed relationship, changing the interior?

Of course, starting to repair, you and your husband will discuss both the style in which you want to equip your apartment, and the color scheme that will prevail. Everyone will express their preferences and desires. The most the main thing is not to quarrel at this stage. Of course, you are waiting for the debate, perhaps heated debate, but it is important not to cross the border that separates the dispute from the scandal.

We are women - which means we are wiser. A man is by nature an invader, which means he will undoubtedly insist on his own in everything. Therefore, we need to be smarter, in some insignificant moments we can also give way, right?

Search for information

First of all, find the sites dedicated to repairs. View sample projects suitable for your home. Deciding on the color that will prevail - do not forget about the location of your apartment or house. Dark colors can be allowed in the dwelling, whose windows face south and east. And light - on the opposite. If you do not follow these rules, you will end up with either a gloomy apartment with walls that put pressure on you, or too light, which can be associated with the hospital.

Great if among your friends, acquaintances, relatives are designers. Feel free to invite them to your place for advice. In the process of repair, if disagreements arise, you can always refer to a professional who undoubtedly understands this issue much better.

If there are no acquaintances with the makings of a designer, you can try this role yourself. Now a large number of sites where you can download a free program for design. And together with my husband try to make such a project that both of them would like.

Professional services

If you do not feel in yourself the makings of a designer, and the project, for some reason does not work, can you entrust this business to a true professional? Just do not rush - you need a real PROFESSIONAL, so ask friends, read reviews on specialized sites. And when you find such a master, then, having approved his project of transforming your home, you can safely go either to rest or to your parents, or at least, to rent another home for the period of repair. And to visit, from time to time, to his apartment, checking the project with the case.

This approach will most of all save your nerves, there will be no quarrels, no disputes. You will arrive, as they say, "for everything."

Evening for discussion

If, having talked, you nevertheless decided to do everything with your own hands, then allocate one evening for a discussion of everything related to repairs. Agree on everything from the type of wallpaper to the color of the switches. Do not shout or argue, because any point of view can be stated calmly. Try to negotiate peace. Of course, it is possible that outbursts of anger are either with you or with him, but it is important not to let them get into a quarrel in a fire.

Let a man feel his power

But you, it seems, have agreed on everything, and there comes a moment of a trip to the hardware stores. Let the man feel like a super pro. Let the manufacturer of products he chooses. This will kill two birds with one stone. First of all, hand on heart, well, we don’t understand manufacturers, right ?! And we do not understand why there is a jar of paint worth 3000 rubles, and the whole bucket for 1000 is standing next to it. And even if he understands this just as you do, entrust it to him. One less reason to quarrel. In addition, then, if anything, he will not be able to blame you.

If you have invited masters to perform some type of work, then provide the spouse with them. First, they will deceive him less - they will be afraid. Secondly, again, it will be impossible to blame you if something goes wrong.

And if you decided to do everything yourself ... The worst thing, in the opinion of many men, is when they do something, and we stand "over the soul" and indicate: "And, maybe, put that light bulb a little to the left?", "Oh, something is sticking out here!" If your spouse understands the repair and decided to make it on his own, do not climb to him! Imagine that this is a master, an outsider who knows his work perfectly! In addition, he also wants to get the perfect repair. He does it for you, and believe me, he tries! So do not worry, and give him the opportunity to earn praise (and later the praise of the guests).

But you, of course, can help your beloved. Bring something, hold it somewhere. And your nerves more whole and quarrels will not be!

Relationships are more expensive than repairs

But no matter how hard we try, sometimes, quarrels cannot be avoided. A friend of mine, who recently completed the renovation, says that during the selection of wallpaper it is impossible not to swear! That wallpaper - this is the worst in all repairs. But you remember that you have agreed on the color scheme, the structure of the wallpaper, even before the start of the repair. Therefore, the choice in the store is significantly reduced.

Summing up, we can say that the repair is certainly a serious test of you and your relationship. But one has only to imagine how you drink tea, coffee, maybe wine in a muffled light with your favorite evenings ... And is the color or model of the outlet so important?

Do not quarrel, because the relationship is much more expensive repair!

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