How to attract the man of your dreams

Every woman dreams of a big and bright love. Someone has already met her, and someone else has not. And then how to speed up the meeting with his chosen one? Even if you are not familiar, you can try to establish a connection with him. How to do this is described in the following ritual.

Establishing contact with your future second half

Choose your free time when you will be alone. Concentrate in a relaxed atmosphere. And start sending signals for the man of your dreams. Imagine how signals are coming from you into the infinite space of the universe. If you feel this, then your future elect will surely catch your signals, because for the power of thought there are no barriers in the distance. When you make contact with him, tell him about yourself, what is your appearance, what is your hobby, where are you.

You must understand that the man with whom you communicate is not abstract, it does not exist only in your thoughts. Such a person already lives somewhere, and is probably looking forward to meeting you. Maybe he is very close to you, maybe you even know him, just never paid attention to him.

Your man should appear in your head very brightly, you can even describe him in thoughts to the smallest details. Starting from the exterior, and ending with some habits.

Most often, this ritual is performed at night between two and four hours. Because at this time information moves in space most actively, and quickly reaches your chosen one. Better tune help candles. If you can not perform the ritual at night, then you can do this evening, or in the early morning. Do this magical way for ten days. And then ... forget about finding your chosen one, do not dwell on it, you have already made an order to the universe. Perhaps the meeting with your future groom will not happen immediately. Just keep on living your life, the higher forces will take care of the rest.

After some time, you will meet a person whom you have been looking for so long, and you will be ready for this internally. If this is it, then you immediately feel a mutual attraction. Acquaintance can be unexpected, so do not be afraid of meeting people in inappropriate places, for example, on the street or in transport, who knows, maybe you will meet your destiny.

Love spell by photo

You want to return your lover, or you like a man, but you have no relationship yet. This will help you the next ritual. It works especially well if the object of your passion feels sympathy for you, but due to some circumstances does not dare to take the initiative.

Light a candle and concentrate on the feelings. Five minutes continue to look at the flame of a candle, it helps to tune in the right thoughts. Then put a photo of your beloved next and start looking at it. You should not concentrate much and strain, just look with love at the image.

If you have made good contact, you will soon feel how energy begins to flow between you and the photo. Keep looking at the photo. Soon you will see that everything starts to erode, only the face of a loved one is in front of your eyes, and everything else has faded into the background. It is very good if this is so - a spiritual connection has been established between you.

After that, you can tell him anything you want. For example, describe how you present your wedding, your meetings, what feelings you have for him. And it’s necessary to describe everything in the present tense, as if it is happening to you right now.

After a while, the contact will begin to weaken as soon as you feel it, completing the ritual.

You can use another way.

Magic tube

This is a very strong ritual. You will need a tube about 18-20 cm long, about 3 cm in diameter. It can be glued together from cardboard or thick paper.

You can take a photo, but for this ritual it is not so important. Lie down on the sofa, and relax, think about something pleasant. Then take the straw and, looking into it, imagine at the other end of your beloved. If there is a photo, you can attach it to the opposite end.

The magic tube, like a wire, transmits energy messages to your chosen one. And thanks to its form, the streams are not sprayed in space, but follow the direction. From this effect is greatly increased.

Tell your lover everything that you feel to him. You can also say: "An unknown force attracts you to me. You cannot resist. You go, you run towards me."

After weakening the energetic contact, complete the ritual.

If you perform one of these rituals, then your chosen one will soon feel attracted to you. And further developments are only a matter of time. But do not tell your beloved about this ritual, - magic does not tolerate publicity.

Especially for - Natella

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