How to ask for forgiveness from a loved one

All loving people once quarrel. It doesn’t matter how or why this happens, but not a single pair on the ground could do without it. And so, the quarrel happened in your pair, and the cause of this quarrel is in you. A tense silence lasts ...

Only one way out - ask for forgiveness. But how to do it right?

Sincerity of recognition

The most important thing in this request - sincerity. Any pathetic words will sound fake. After a quarrel or unseemly act, first sit down and calm down. Exhale and think again. Understand whether you really understand how serious the words you are hurt a loved one. In a word, is it worth asking for forgiveness and for what?

If in anger you have spoken a lot of superfluous, and it’s really worth apologizing, then calmly say (without pleading notes in your voice) what you thought. And they understood - they were really wrong, the words that you said were spoken in a fit, and for these words You ask for forgiveness. Tell him you love!

All this is suitable in the case when the quarrel is minor, and the epithets are not too offensive for him. But, there are times when not just to apologize, and ask for forgiveness! And it is unlikely that only declarations of love will work here.

Interesting ways to be forgiven

You can start with small (or large) SMS messages, in which you repeat once again how you love him, how appreciate his concern. You can send SMS in poetic form. Even better - to compose herself, with the mention of his name. He will be pleased, and, most likely, the ice is broken.

If you live together, try to write a request for forgiveness with lipstick on the mirror. Accompanied by a pile of hearts. It is great if there is enough time, patience (and at least a little talent, of course), and you take a paper sheet and write a beautiful request for forgiveness, and then paste the creation on the wall opposite the front door. When he returns from work, he will immediately see him, and quite possibly, the quarrel will go on its own. "not".

Not be superfluous and small present. A sort of cute little thing, nice heart. You know your man well, so you can guess what can melt his heart. Perhaps this is a beautiful lighter or a scarf of a football team fan.

Romantic dinner

To secure success, be sure to cook a delicious dinner. And here it will not do the usual set of dishes, which happens on your table quite often. This may be something cooked in the oven, or a new dish (in the "Cooking" section there are suitable recipes). Just follow the important condition - the dish must be from such ingredients that you have tried and that you like. Otherwise, everything can be ruined. Leave the experiments for the next time.

Candles, wine and light music will be a worthy attribute.

It is highly undesirable for such a romantic-conciliatory dinner to order food from restaurants and cafes. This evening you should try for a loved one yourself. And, most likely, he will appreciate. After all, we remember what the main path in his heart lies through.

After such an arsenal of funds, he simply must forgive you.But in the future, try to avoid such sharp conflicts. It is always better to compromise and not stoop to personalities than to think later how to make up.

Good luck to you in such a difficult task as reconciliation. And be patient with each other!

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