How many years is the crystal wedding celebrated?

About how many years of marriage marks a crystal or glass wedding, not everyone knows. This anniversary is not widely known, unlike the diamond or even calico - the extreme periods for a very young and "respectable" family. However, this milestone cannot be underestimated, since it is an anniversary one and can tell a lot about spouses.

How is it marked, how is it characterized?

When is a crystal wedding celebrated?

When celebrating a crystal wedding

Under such a beautiful name hides the third "small" anniversary, or the 15th anniversary of the marriage. Whether it is more correct to call this date “crystal” or “glass” is still debated. Glass, of course, has less value than a more elegant and attractive crystal, but they have the same common features, so there is no difference from the point of view of interpretation.

  • Both glass and crystal are primarily known for their transparency. “Clean as glass” is not only about these materials, but about each of the spouses. If they reached the 15th turn, it means that if there was a place in their relationship for some unpleasant things that could tarnish their loyalty to each other, then these moments have long been passed, forgotten, forgiven. Spouses are clean before each other, open, betrayed.

In this case, we must not forget that both materials are highly brittle - a fall from a great height will turn them into a pile of small fragments, which, even if you try to glue, do not form the original element. This suggests that marriage at the beginning of the 16th year can be destroyed, after which both spouses will not be the same as their relationship.

How to celebrate?

When celebrating a crystal wedding

Anniversary, even if it is "small", i.e. is a five-year plan, rather than the traditional 10 years, it is recommended to celebrate more magnificently than the usual anniversary. For this reason, the celebration should invite not only guests who were present on the wedding day, and close relatives on both sides, but also family friends, because over such a period of time they became important people for this social unit.

Taking into account the fact that by the 15th anniversary, everyone in a couple had stepped over a 30-year milestone, there must have been children in the family who became the center of this holiday. Due to the fact that they are often still small, they still signify only the beginning strengthening of the existing union. And are some kind of guarantor of its inviolability.

  • Where exactly to celebrate a crystal wedding? Professionals are advised to book a room in a restaurant, as this is already a rather “loud” anniversary, which goes beyond a simple home evening, as happens with a chintz or paper wedding. However, at home it is also possible to spend a holiday with no less luxury.
  • An important detail in the table setting is glass and crystal tableware. Moreover, there is one nuance: the newlyweds should use glasses, which were present on their table on the day of the marriage. In addition, it is desirable that glass is not limited to only wine glasses - bowls, salad bowls, snack dishes: wherever it can be used.
  • The tradition that is characteristic of the crystal wedding: the glasses from which the young people drank should be broken at the end of the holiday, thus marking the end to all the unsustainable moments of their union that threatened to destroy this marriage. Especially since after this anniversary more “strong” ones will follow - topaz, pink, etc.

Keep in mind that glass and crystal are not only transparent and fragile, but also light. Therefore, in the design of the room should be a lot of air, light, cleanliness. Use white and silver, balloons, satin ribbons, twigs with small flowers.

What to gift?

What to give to the crystal wedding?

Of course, the main gift for the spouses must be made of glass or crystal. This may be a new pair of glasses, or even a complete set of them, a decanter, a vase, a set of exquisite salad bowls, an aquarium, a mirror. If the budget allows and proximity to the heroes of the occasion (for example, parents think up a gift), you can buy a glass coffee table, a chandelier.

  • The wife can give her husband a good expensive watch, or another gift, enclosed in glass or crystal packaging. If the husband is looking for a gift for his wife, a piece of jewelry inlaid with colorless stones is suitable. It is not necessary to buy diamonds - the cubic zirconias look not worse. Again, packaging will be no less important: the crystal box will easily fulfill its role.

Now you know how old it is - a crystal wedding, and what nuances distinguish it from other anniversaries of marriage. You have got acquainted with the main traditions, which are characteristic for this particular milestone, you know how to choose a gift. However, the main thing is not the adherence to principles, albeit well-established, but the feeling of warmth and happiness that should surround the spouses on this memorable and significant day.

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