How does a girl fall in love with a boy at school

The boy you like doesn't even look in your direction? Moreover, he is ready to carry your classmate's briefcase, which is no better (and in some ways even worse) than you! What to do? Silently suffer and dream of a miracle? In no case! There are many ways that suggest how to fall in love with a boy. Let's see how to solve your problem!

Is it possible to fall in love with a boy?

How to fall in love with a boy?

Boys - a strange people! Sometimes it seems that they are interested in football more than girls. In fact, it is. Up to grade 8-9, they may not show much interest in classmates. It also happens that: even if a girl is sympathetic to them, they are embarrassed to show their feelings and strongly pretend that they are absolutely indifferent to her.

What if you liked the boy, and you would not mind to be friends with him? It all depends on the situation. Consider 3 options:

  1. The boy does not pay attention to the opposite sex at all (in this case, the easiest way to please him).
  2. He is interested in girls, but does not feel much sympathy for you (here, in order to achieve his location, you will have to put more effort).
  3. He is in love with another girl (this is the most difficult option). And do not forget that if you “beat off” the boy from your opponent, then someday the same can happen to you.

None of these situations is hopeless. It is enough to use some female tricks - and the question is how to fall in love with a boy, will be resolved. Begin to act, and you will understand that to please the boy is not so difficult!

How to girl to fall in love with a boy: the most useful tips

How do girls fall in love with a boy

If you really really want to get the boy's disposition, then first analyze your behavior. Why is he not interested in you? Perhaps you are very shy and act like a gray mouse, so other classmates overshadow you? Remember: if you sit in a corner and quietly sigh, you will never become his girlfriend!

Try to be different! Prove that you are bright, interesting and pretty. If you fell in love with a classmate and did not know how to fall in love with a boy at school, then act on such a plan.

  • Take care of your appearance!

Adults have the proverb "Men love with their eyes." The boys are future men, so they also appreciate beauty. They like to walk with a pretty, pretty and fashionably dressed girl. So that he (and not only he!) Will notice you, you must look feminine. Of course, there can be no question of tomorrow wearing her heels on a 10-centimeter stiletto and wearing acidic flowers in a dress. This can only cause laughter. But shapeless sweatshirts, ripped jeans and sneakers are also not the best choice for a girl who wants to win the boy's heart. If you dress in this way, he will consider you as “your boyfriend” and will not notice that you are beautiful. Wear a skirt or stylish dress, complete the image with neat shoes with low heels. You see, all the boys just faint when you appear in the classroom!

  • Emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes with makeup.

If you think that your face lacks expressiveness (although, most likely, it is not at all like that!), Then you can use a bit of makeup. But do it extremely carefully! Too dark (or bright) makeup will only ruin your appearance. It is enough to slightly tint the eyelashes - and your look will change. It is better to refuse lipstick, unless a little dim gloss.

  • Try as often as possible to catch the eye of the boy you like.

But don't chase him. Boys value their freedom. Do not go to extremes: you do not need to spin in front of his eyes, otherwise he will avoid you. You'd better find out how expensive he goes home from school, and go the same way.

  • Find out what he is interested in, and try to share his hobbies.

If he stays after the lessons, as he visits the tourist circle, then you can also enroll in this section. Well, if he is passionate about football? Do you have to drive the ball? In no case! Just go to matches and actively pain. And after the match, you can casually note that he looked the best on the field. Boys, like men, adore when they are praised. He will immediately feel sympathy for you!

  • Use the power of the Internet.

Add it to your friends Vkontakte. Actively communicate on the web. Try to be original, use a sense of humor. Never laugh at the boy, even if you are an A student, and he makes 5 mistakes in one word (it’s better to ask him to do grammar together). This will help you to continue communication in real life.

What if his heart is occupied?

What if his heart is occupied?

Often girls have an even more difficult problem: how to fall in love with a boy if he loves another? Truth be told, breaking other people's relationships is not a good idea. So think about whether to do it at all. The feelings of boys are fickle. Maybe after some time he will part with his girlfriend without your participation, and then you will have every chance to take her place.

If you decided to win the boy, do not try to tell him about the bad qualities of his girlfriend. So not only will you not get the boy's disposition, but also lose the respect of all the girls. They are unlikely to want to be friends with you.

Be natural, fun and interesting. Try to become a class leader. Then the boys will look at you with different eyes, and the number of your fans will increase dramatically.

Or maybe he loves you like that?

Listen, are you sure that he doesn't really like you? After all, boys often express their feelings in a completely different way than girls expect. It may seem strange to you how boys in love behave. Although they try to appear bold and cool, they are afraid to take the first step because they are not sure of success. And what if the girl laughs at them or refuses? Give him hope: smile or offer to carry your portfolio - perhaps he is just waiting for you to pay attention to him.

And one more secret that will help you always enjoy success with the opposite sex. Before you like another, first try to please yourself! Make sure you are happy with your reflection in the mirror: keep your hair in order, watch your figure. Your things must be clean and ironed. Read books and watch good movies - it will make you an interesting conversationalist. Then you can easily win the heart of any boy!

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