How do women make a career

The facts show that it is more difficult for a woman to find a good job and make a career than a man. And this happens not because women are so not adapted to work or deprived of their minds, but because the woman is family oriented. And therefore, the employer is afraid to take women to positions of responsibility, because he knows that any normal woman will sooner or later wake up the maternal and family instinct.

But there are still many examples where women have risen high on the career ladder, occupy management positions or organize their own business, while making up serious competition to the male sex. Maybe they have their own special secret of success? First of all, they are not afraid of being strong women, they are not afraid of leading and believing in themselves and their strengths. What should start a woman who decided to make a career?

Career or family?

Not worth deciding to seek career growth and success in business, cross out your desire to become a mother and wife. Such a choice will lead to nothing good, but will add only constant doubts about the correctness of its decision. You can combine both. For example, as long as you do not plan the birth of children, then it’s time to take up a career actively. If you have small children, then you can prepare the ground for your future career - read a lot of literature, study online trainings, or even take home work.

When the children have grown up, it is time to start a career. And if you are tormented by the torment of conscience, that you do not pay enough attention to your children, then think that excessive care never brought anything good to children, the main thing is to send them through life, and then they will decide for themselves what they want. And in general there is no right or wrong choice, as you decide, so be it. Decide that it is important for you to focus on the family, this will be right for you, decide to focus on your career, and this will be correct.

Attend seminars and courses

There are many different seminars now being held; one only needs to choose a good seminar leader in order not to run into an unprofessional in his field. At such seminars they give useful practical advice on how a woman can succeed in business, where to start, how to combine work with her family and many other useful tips. But still such seminars only stimulate, without concrete actions, nothing will change for you.

Career organization

Anyone will never achieve anything unless he has a plan for his actions. A woman is prone to recklessness, following her emotions, but if you decide to make a career, then you will have to be 100% organized. Paint your every day by the minute and try to carry out every scheduled business. Anyone who knows the name of each future station will come where it planned. When you are going to make a career, do not spray on other less important activities, focus on what is important to you now. Think about where you are going to start and start making your plan a reality.

Knowledge is the basis of everything

There is a phrase: "The best investments are investments in your own education." A woman who is going to make a career should be well versed in the desired field. You must agree that it is foolish to claim a higher position in the work, if you yourself are not fully versed in this matter, and you lack experience. Decide what you lack to start a career? Maybe you should take a certain course, learn English, or just study your field of work in more detail? Or maybe you should develop volitional qualities in yourself, learn to be more efficient and learn how to lead people, without such qualities there are few chances for success in your career.

Control of emotions

This is one of the important reasons why men often succeed in their careers - they know how to control their emotions, do not succumb to difficulties, and at the right moment show rigidity and composure. In women, emotional development is more developed, and therefore, when something unexpected happens, they may be overwhelmed with anxiety and feelings. But if you learn to be more restrained and prudent, then you will not be able to break any career failures. In principle, it does not matter how a person comes to the finish line, the main thing is the result and you must tune in only for the victory!

Talk about finances

It is important for women who began to make a career and financial issue. But very often, women are embarrassed to talk about money and this is a big mistake. Do not be afraid to realistically assess your efforts and skills, and if you think you are working for a low salary, then you have the right to demand a raise from your superiors, if the salary does not rise, then look for a new job where you are rightly assessed! Also, do not think it disgraceful to say that you love money, say that you work, because you like your work, you like self-realization, but you like it and get paid.

For some reason, it is believed that this man should be proud of his high earnings, and a woman should not be a cash earner. But why should you be ashamed of what you get by your own efforts? Money is not the meaning of life, but a very important addition for your efforts.

Do not try to be good for everyone

Any business woman on her way encounters enemies who will set all sorts of steps on the road to success, or her family and friends will begin to dissuade you from your intended goal. You can only listen to someone else's opinion, but you don’t have to live as they require. Feel free from the opinions of others, and as soon as you fully experience this, you will not be afraid of your possible actions.

Also in the work team you should not be too active in spreading about your personal life, just as in relationships and family do not load your partner and people close to your work problems. In any area of ​​life, balance is important, and if it is not respected, all your plans may fail, because you have given too much importance to work. We must work with satisfaction and dedication, but without exhausting to powerlessness.

And finally, it is important to note that in a career, those rules that we have been inspired since childhood do not always work - it is to speak only the truth, to regret unjustly offended, to do good deeds. This does not mean that you need to become an evil bitch-boss, but know where you can and cheat, and a little deception.

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