How do men survive parting

After the breakup, it hurt everyone, without exception. Our thoughts and experiences are connected either with suffering due to past events, or with the loss of a person who managed to become the closest in the world, or we, contrary to common sense, begin to feel sorry for the person who was abandoned. And very often women wonder do men survive after parting and how they can manifest these very experiences.

Male methods for experiencing separation

Surely the girls, who were lucky enough to have a young man as a friend, have often seen how, when parting with his beloved, he is transformed from a strong and courageous knight or super-hero into a mediocre hlyupika. However, he becomes this most defenseless creature only with you. You are his girlfriend, you can cry in a vest. But at the sight of other, less close friends of his, he tries to be as impenetrable as a rock. That is where their problem lies. Because of their natural secrecy, men are more exposed to stress than women.

Women, unlike men, usually try to express all their experiences, for example, to their girlfriends. In the process of telling and hearing advice, a woman is able to make a decision. She may even have a clear action plan for renewing her life. But the representatives of the stronger sex, most often, use less calming and life-affirming methods.

As a rule, it is alcohol, fists broken in the gym or driving a car at a breakneck pace. All this stimulates adrenaline production and does not at all contribute to the attainment of peace and balance. Moreover, it is not known how all this can end. Many, for example, starting to abuse alcohol, can not stop. The implications of this are more than clear. A person can easily sleep, lose a job, the opportunity to start a normal family and generally lead a healthy average life. Of course, sometimes this also threatens women, however, among women, this happens much less often.

Macho complex after breaking up

I do not want to dethrone the ideals of some women, but those men whom it is customary to call "macho" are such impregnable, proud and passionate, most often people who are left loved ones girls Leading a wild lifestyle, starting a relationship with a large number of women, they only drown out the pain that gapes a black hole in their soul.

Many girls tend to think that men suffer the loss of their passion completely calmly. This can happen, but on one condition: if the young man did not like this girl. If the feelings were, then the man, most likely, is experiencing the end of the relationship as well as the woman. Misconception to think that men do not know how to love. Do you really think that you are able to decide for others what they are capable of? The fact that their feelings are different in the way they are shown from women’s does not mean that these feelings do not exist at all.

Remain or go ... forever

Many men are very attached to their women. They become so close to them that men do not want to finally break off relations. Therefore, they often strive to become friends for their ex-girls. Do not you think that this suggests that they have feelings more than false tears and words?

Of course, many of the representatives of the stronger sex after parting and do not even want to see their once beloved girlfriend. If this happens, then a very deep injury was inflicted on the man. In any case, men are the same people as women. therefore men are characterized by suffering, which, however (according to psychologists), have a much greater negative effect on them than women.

Before parting with a person, consider whether you make the right decision. No need to chop from the shoulder, thinking that anyway, he does not feel anything. Feel! And how! Just be silent about it.

However, if you really are not comfortable with a person, you should not torment yourself. Anyway, it will eventually happen. Whatever you decide about your relationships with people, remember that it is necessary to respect not only your own, but also other people's feelings.

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