How do men's perfumes with pheromones work

Pheromones are special substances produced by a living organism. Their main task is to link together individuals belonging to the same species, family or community. Simply put, these are peculiar signals of the body, which are sent by one individual to another in order to cause a certain inclination in it. In general, pheromones endow the individual with sexuality and attractiveness, and the one to whom they must act - desire, desire, passion.

Pheromones "work" exclusively in the direction of the opposite sex. True, the nature of these reactions, and the reasons for reproduction, are not completely understood by scientists. However, this natural feature of the organism of animal origin, to which man is also counted, occurs during puberty and manifests itself under certain circumstances.

Application in the perfume industry

Perfume for men and women with pheromones

Both women and men secrete and capture pheromones. This is mainly a product of metabolic processes of the sebaceous, sweat and sex glands. It is practically impossible to isolate pheromones by chemical means, that is, in laboratory conditions, only with the help of living "experimental" ones. Then what is pheromones in perfume?

Women's and men's perfumes with pheromones are a mixture of aromatic substances and animal pheromones. This is a separate type of perfumery products, the main purpose of which is not to hide the natural body odor, but, on the contrary, to enhance it.

It is difficult to explain how men's perfumes work with pheromones, since the fragrance acts differently on different women. As part of this perfume there are very strong components, such as musk and amber. The liquid has a very sharp, saturated odor, so it needs to be applied quite a bit: drop by drop on the wrist, under the earlobe, on the elbow bend, interclavicular cavity.

According to reviews, men's pheromone perfume is very effective. And yet, how do these perfumes work? To distinguish what pheromones smell like is absolutely impossible. For the usual olfactory perception, this substance is completely inert by smell. But the special snuff receptors pick up the scent and signal to the brain about the potential of the owner of the incredible smell of "attractiveness."

Is it worth trying?

What are pheromones in perfumes? Will they work?

What are pheromones in perfumes, whether they will work until you try, you will not know. True, some users claim that it is still more self-hypnosis than a true chemical reaction between two people. After all, how to prove that a substance without a characteristic odor works?

It seems that the easiest way is to purchase a bottle of such perfume, apply it on the body (according to the instructions) and try it in action on women of the opposite sex. Men note that women's attention is increasing. True, in order for this to work, you need to be in inevitable proximity with the object of seduction, so that she can smell the sexuality. But remember, this is not a love elixir, the substance affects only the physiology, not the senses.

The duration of action for pheromones is short, as the substance is very unstable, especially in fresh air. And one more thing, even if the fragrance affects a woman, whether she moves to drastic measures depends solely on her character traits.

Perfume products with pheromones are rarely found on the shelves of ordinary stores. It can often be found in specialized shops (sex shops) or ordered online. This is not a perfume for every day, but a special means of seduction, which must be used with extreme caution.

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