How can you call a guy affectionately

If women love with their ears, men with their ears just adore (although they do not openly admit this). Just one kind word from the chosen one can inspire them to feats or to quench a quarrel. Many girls want to express their feelings to make a sweetheart pleasant, but do not know how to call a guy affectionately. Let's start the "master class" on the use of gentle words!

What words will like a man?

What words will like a man?

Affectionate words that are meant for a guy should have a slightly different shade than for girls. The point is male psychology. What kind words do a man want to hear from you? Words of love are pleasing to all. Therefore, however banal the word "beloved" may seem, it is pleasant to the male ear.

All guys like sweet words that emphasize their masculinity and exclusivity. The use of such words as “big”, “strong”, “smart”, “priceless”, “unique”, “ingenious”, “stunning” will be balm on every man's heart!

A woman should be able to choose such tender words for her lover that he is waiting for. It all depends on the nature of the man. Let's open a little secret: the more brutal he looks, the more he likes diminutive words. For example, a two-meter "jock" will melt from the words "kitten", "bunny", "chick", "lapaw". A frail intellectual wearing glasses will be delighted if his beloved calls him incomparable, strong or uses the words “beast”, “animal”, “Apollo”, “macho”, “cowboy”, and “cool” in his address.

How can a guy be called a sweet word to make him really nice? There are several main rules that will help a girl not to be mistaken with a choice:

  • better not to use beaten compliments. They will not cause a special reaction and may even cause irritation (these include: "darling", "precious", "darling");
  • if you want your beloved to listen to your every word, then along with gentle words, always use the prefix "mine" or "mine." If you refer to your close friend "my God", "my desired", "you are my only one", then he will in fact only be yours;
  • and finally, what should not be said. Some words, even if they are pronounced with affectionate intonation, still will not please a man. Even if he does not suffer from complexes, he will feel offense when he heard the words "goat", "ram", "cockerel". You should not use the words that may hint to him on his weaknesses and secret fears (crass, soft-bodied, sweet, nevezunchik).

Affectionate words should also be used metered. If you pour every phrase with them, they will lose their freshness and can be perceived by a man as a preface to the request.

The magic of words: how can you call a guy affectionately?

Even if others are aware of your intimate relationships with a guy, not all kind words will be suitable to address him at work or in a public place. Verbal displays of tenderness should be appropriate. For example, if you call him insatiable in a circle of colleagues, it will make him embarrassed and not happy, although at home he would be very pleased.

What kind of gentle words can you call a guy anywhere? We list the "allowed" manifestations of feelings:

  • my sun;
  • my handsome;
  • native;
  • my good;
  • you are so wonderful;
  • sweet;
  • talented;
  • My joy;
  • my protector

These words will give the guy confidence and increase his self-esteem.

Love happy moments: tender words in private

How can you call a guy affectionately

More sincere and intimate affectionate words can be used when the beloved remain together. Then the feelings and situations will probably tell the girl how to call the guy affectionately. The list of the most popular words that will not leave a man indifferent may look like this:

  • beloved;
  • desired;
  • sexual;
  • sweet (delicious);
  • gentle;
  • present;
  • only;
  • unusual;
  • passionate;
  • unique (inventive);
  • temperamental;
  • hot, best lover.

You can make a separate compliment to the peculiarities of the guy's figure, strengthen him in the thought that he has an impeccable, muscular, athletic, seductive to become.

Men like when girls praise their hands, calling them gentle, strong, family and affectionate. You can also say about the lips: they are sensual, magical and sweet.

Unusual, but nice: secrets for two

Men are forced most of the time to hide their real emotions, as it is commonly believed that sentimentality does not suit them. Only if the relationship between a boy and a girl has reached such a level that absolute trust and mutual understanding have arisen between them, can we think of some funny (or even stupid) but very affectionate nickname for him.

How can a guy be called affectionately and unusually to give even more tenderness to relationships? If he has a good sense of humor, he will like these words:

  • sweeties;
  • musik;
  • fluffy;
  • fish;
  • mouse;
  • little pigs;
  • bear;
  • kitten (cat);
  • hare, hare;
  • hairy;
  • little fish;
  • seksbomb.

Of course, the options are much more. An exclusive nickname may be completely unexpected, as long as no one is hurt! These tender words are suitable only for home use, it is better not to use them with "witnesses."

I love to laugh: affectionate and funny nicknames

If you are in love and happy, then why not joke with each other? Give your beloved tender and at the same time funny words that will give you moments of joy. You can call a loved one such funny, but cute nicknames:

  • naughty boy (shalunishka);
  • baby elephant (elephant);
  • kissy;
  • Lyubovnychik;
  • badger;
  • lysenok;
  • obzorka (tum);
  • dandelion;
  • splyushka;
  • Karasik;
  • bitch boy

You can "compose" a lot of affectionate words for your boyfriend. Actually, it doesn't matter what you call it. As the great love singer William Shakespeare said, "Romeo under any name would be the height of perfection as it is!" Make your loved one believe that he is the height of perfection for you, even if he is Sonya, Lysik or Totopopuzik! And if he is one of those men who chronically do not tolerate "calf tenderness," then find other ways to express your love to him.

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