How beautiful to admit to a man in love

It is believed that a man should be the first to talk about his feelings, and a woman should sit modestly and wait for him to decide on this. We have a lot of things inspired since childhood, and also it concerns the leading role of a man in relationships. Of course, any woman dreams of a decisive courageous companion who is not afraid of anything, including confessing her love. Well, if your man is modest, or is afraid to hear only a cold smile from you, you can wait all your life without hearing the cherished confession from him.

Are you afraid to talk about your feelings? It is not right. There is nothing wrong with telling your feelings to another. This will only characterize you as an ardent emotional woman who understands herself, her feelings and speaks about it openly. Who does not risk, that complex - tell us about your love!

The worst thing women think about is that the man will not answer your confession or will say even worse that he does not feel the same feelings for you. You should not encourage yourself, and this can be. But you must admit, the risk is always present in any business and we do not know how everything will turn out, but somehow we do it, because otherwise we would not move forward at all. And if you think so, it is better to immediately find out that a man does not feel any feelings for you, to suffer a bit and switch to the search for another man, than to spend a lot of years on a person who has no feelings with you.

Now the main thing how to make it. Any question should be solved creatively, if you approach your beloved and with a sullen expression on your face, if you do not clearly tell him about your love, then this will hardly impress him. Become him a bright and courageous girl who is not shy about her feelings and does it creatively.

Romantic way to beautifully confess love

To do this, you have to, above all, create a romantic atmosphere. For example, you can invite a man to a cafe with quiet, pleasant music, where candles mysteriously flicker, and everything disposes to being alone with each other. If you are a little afraid to drink some wine and start translating the conversation into the mainstream of your feelings and relationships. It does not matter how long you are together - two years or a month, tell your beloved that during this time he has become a special person for you, and you can no longer imagine your life without him. And then tell me that you rarely speak such words to anyone, but if you speak, then you are sure of this one hundred percent.

And now you can insert three cherished words, tell them clearly and clearly, while not hesitate to look a man directly in the eye. Surely for some time he will be in light shock and only then will he give you his answer, or will he reciprocate, or not, but of course we are considering the first option. You can create exactly the same romantic atmosphere at home, prepare delicious dishes, buy a bottle of champagne and tell your feelings to the sounds of a slower composition - a simple way, but with taste.

You can invite your beloved to the cinema for a romantic movie and at the most touching moment take his hand and quietly whisper how much you love him. In general, the main thing is to create a romantic mood and decide for yourself how you will do it.

Declaration of love by SMS

A way for more modest young ladies and during it the atmosphere of recognition itself is lost. But in it you can very nicely tell about your feelings. There can be a variety of confessions, ranging from sexual recognition and ending with a playfully playful overtones. The following examples are just a template for your future recognition, do not blindly copy them, show your imagination.

  1. "I really miss you ... I miss you, even when I’m around, I miss your gentle hands, I need to feel your warmth, warm me ... in return, I will give you my love ... I love you."
  2. "Your eyes are a bottomless sea in which I am ready to live and drown ... Allow me to do this? I want to live in the reflection of your eyes, but do not be jealous, I love you more than your eyes."
  3. "Happiness for me is to make you happy the best man on earth, I want to spend every minute with you and give you all my caress, tenderness and warmth ... I love you."

It is a pity that with the help of SMS you will not be able to see the unplayed reaction of your man, but so you can not hesitate to express everything that you have in mind.

Spontaneous declaration of love to man

For such recognition it is not necessary to prepare for a long time, to think over what and how you say, surprise him with your spontaneity, let it look as if these words broke from your lips. For example, when you go somewhere, take him by the hand and say loudly and quickly: “I love you”, and then quickly transfer the conversation to another direction, as if you said the most ordinary thing in the world. A man can ask you again or tactfully pretend not to notice, although in fact he has heard everything perfectly and is most likely already considering how to tell you about his feelings.

Extreme recognition

Such recognition requires appropriate setting and a certain explosion of emotions that you can create yourself. Invite your loved one, for example, on a date on the roof of the house, ride a balloon, walk around the city at night until dawn, or swim naked in the lake. Your task is to create an unusual situation and, at its very peak, to confess love, a man will never forget such a confession.

Public declaration of love

If finances allow, then of course the most elegant way is to order a huge, well, or not very huge banner in the city center with a declaration of love to your man. But you can get by with less high costs - it’s not too expensive to write a text message on TV, to place your confession on the newspaper’s pages will also cost you very little, you can call your local radio station and talk about your feelings for free. Or as an option, you can put your status with a declaration of love on a page on social networks, everyone will admire your courage, and your beloved, but what a pleasure it will be!

Other ways to beautifully confess love to a man

One has only to think about it and a lot of very different ways of a declaration of love comes to mind, there would be only feelings and a desire!

  • Before joining his beloved from work, put small papers or huge posters with declarations of love all over the house, it is important that there are a lot of them, and while the man finds and considers everything, he would simply fall into an easy state of pleasant shock. You can glue his car with the same pieces of paper, only pieces of paper should be small and easy to tear off.
  • In a graphic editor, write your love confession and put it as a screensaver, but of course, do not turn on the computer first. You can make a whole slideshow of your collaborative photos by signing delicate and warm words under each one and coinciding this gift with an event or simply arranging a surprise for no reason.
  • You can use a more sexual recognition, which will suit the most relaxed and confident girls. Ask your loved one to sit in the chair, relax, and dress yourself in a frank outfit and ... dance a striptease to him, bring him to exhaustion, and in the final of your dance, press yourself to your man and passionately whisper the words of love in your ear.

Be non-standard, do not expect a declaration of love from a man, but admit it yourself - and such a declaration will forever remain in the man’s memory and if he has mutual feelings for you, he will only be happy to hear such words from you. And of course you should choose the right moment for this, if your lover is tired or just not in the mood, then postpone your recognition until better times.

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