How beautiful and original to wish good night to the guy in

If you are separated from your beloved, do not forget to warm up his feelings. Well, if the words of love or wishes will not sound trite and will warm the heart of a loved one. If you have no idea how to say good night to a guy, then use our advice. Perhaps, after your wish, he will not be able to sleep at all, but he will definitely only think about you all night!

Beautiful wishes for romantic guys

How to wish good night to the guy?

Even the most severe and brutal guys are waiting for attention and care from their chosen one. They can literally melt away from a pair of gentle lines. But romantic wishes will especially appreciate the beautiful wish.

How beautiful to say good night to the guy and once again convince him of his feelings? Indulge the beloved with such pleasant surprises.

  • All men like to be admired. Before parting after a date, quietly put a note in his pocket about the following: "You are the best, I love you! Sleep sweetly, my sunshine!".
  • Not a single man will remain indifferent if you send him a song for the night (this can be done using MMS or in the social network). You can choose just beautiful, melodic music or a certain melody that is special for both of you (she will always be associated in his mind with his girlfriend over time).
  • If you know how to write poetry (and he knows about it), then dedicate to him some kind of poetic "masterpiece". It doesn’t matter if the poem turns out not too collapsible, the main thing is to make the guy believe in sincerity of feelings. Does not his heart quiver from such a message: “Darling, I send you my love through the distance. I wish you good night and the sweetest-sweet dreams!”? Variants of poetry can be found on the Internet, the main thing is that he should not accidentally stumble upon the same message.
  • It will be very pleasant for a guy to hear in the evening air on his beloved radio station wishes and tender words addressed to him from his beloved.
  • Postcard through the website, animation, emoticons - the best way to wish quiet dreams to guys who can not imagine their life without the Web.

Only for Him - wishes in your own words

What can I say to a guy in bed?

Remember that men like the exclusive - both in relationships and in the details. They are able to immediately detect falsity, so if your poems do not occur to you, then it is better to write a wish without rhyme, but from the heart, and put a special meaning in it. Even if you are overwhelmed with feelings for your beloved, it is not always easy to figure out how to wish a good night to a guy in your own words.

Whatever you write, it will be pleasantly loved. Even a short "Love!" can replace a thousand beautiful words. You can send it via SMS. In the message you can hint a guy about some intimate moments that are known only to you two. This will once again convince him that the message is meant only to him. The text of the letter can be approximately like this: "I will never forget about what was between us today! I miss you already! They can't wait for tomorrow! Good night, my beloved!"

The main rule - do not write a letter to several pages. Just a couple of lines. Most likely, the beloved one will fall asleep, never having read the long message to the end. What can you do, men have their own characteristics!

What prose! What can I say to a guy in bed?

Good night to the guy in prose (and yes, also support your warm words with your photo or video, where you give him kisses) is an excellent idea. What to write in this message? Let it be words of gratitude for the fact that fate gave you just him, and a declaration of love. An exemplary sample of such a wish: "Let the guardian angel protect your dream, my happiness! And I will think about you and count the minutes until the morning!"

If it is difficult to give your feelings a verbal form, then borrow the heartfelt words from the classics. This will be especially appreciated by male intellectuals. In addition, this "plagiarism" is not considered shameful, but only emphasize your delicate taste and erudition.

To send a message, you can use e-mail or answering machine. This option is most suitable for those men who are engaged in business and practically in non-stop mode, check email and telephone messages.

Creatively and unexpectedly - how can you originally say good night to a guy?

Creatively and unexpectedly - how can you originally say good night to a guy?

If all of these methods seem not interesting enough, then you can try to beat the guy with his originality. Only the main thing is not to frighten him with such an unusual manifestation of feelings. Therefore, this advice is not useful to everyone.

Ways that are suitable for the bravest girls and uncomplexed guys:

  • Maybe your boyfriend will appreciate the unusual humor, if he reads such wishes for the night: "I love you, my baby, the main thing - do not die while you sleep!" or he will like this message: “I wish to see the most terrible dream, so that you would be afraid to fall asleep without me! I love you!” When you meet, you will laugh at a cool joke;
  • You can send your sexiest photo to the guy and back him up with the appropriate inscription: "Darling, I wish you a restless night! Think of me!";
  • Wishes can be fun and funny, and Skype or a regular letter thrown into the mailbox in the envelope will help deliver them to the addressee.

There are many ways, but with what words, in what form and how to wish a good night to a guy, only his beloved knows for sure. The surest way is to be sincere. Even if your affair continues long enough, flirting at a distance will only add freshness and "fire" to your relationship. For a man no less than for a girl, it is important to feel loved and necessary. So do not be shy about your feelings and show love in all possible ways!

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