Housewife - whether horror dream

In our country, the attitude towards housewives is ambiguous. On the one hand, there are indeed reasons why a woman cannot or does not want to go to work. On the other hand, sitting at home in the "four walls" does not add to the mind, and the absence of a favorite activity spoils the character considerably.

Suppose the decision to become a housewife was conscious, taken together with her husband. Consider the most possible reasons for this:

  • Birth of a child. When a couple decides to have a baby (or even several at once), they are well aware that there can be no talk of any other work of a woman. The appearance of the child binds to the house for an average of 3 years.
  • Lack of work in the specialty. If the husband’s job is associated with frequent travels (for example, military), his wife in a new location may not find a free job according to the level of her education.
  • High income husband. If a man brings into the house a sufficient amount for his family, then he wants his beloved wife waiting for him at home, cooked food, cleanliness around. A working woman cannot always provide everything she needs (she gets tired, has little time, is late at work).
  • No desire to work. This may be veiled very much. The housewife is satisfied with her position, she can constantly complain about the lack of money, but at the same time find a lot of reasons why she cannot go to work.

Most housewives known to me complained that over time their work ceased to appreciate. If the husbands initially returned home and admired the immaculate cleanliness and culinary delights, then later it became the norm. Labor housewives began to be taken for granted. And then the reproaches began to manifest themselves: “This is what you have been doing all day? So I was earning money, I was tired. But you could not get tired, you were sitting at home all day”. But there are housemaids who are paid for cleaning the room! Hence, the work of a housewife is not so simple as it may seem at first glance.

Several options for changing circumstances in its direction:

  1. The situation with small children is quite ambiguous. At first, it is so good when mom looks after the baby, teaches him the elementary rules of behavior. Gradually, the perception of the value of the mother changes when the children grow up and get used to all of the above. Daddy's success is noticed, proud of him, only he is told to his friends. This situation may be in a family with different levels of affluence. But so that the housewife does not remain "on the outskirts of life", it is necessary to invent an interesting hobby. It can be anything: cross-stitching, do-it-yourself crafts, writing articles, manicures at home. Raising children is the perfect time to learn something new. Broadening horizons, the ability to talk about their successes makes a woman more attractive in the eyes of her husband.
  2. Not everyone works on a specialty. Therefore, it is possible either to spend the vacated time with benefit for self-development, deepening knowledge in a particular area, or to temporarily change our profile and go to work not by specialty.
  3. Her husband's income is not a reason to be locked up or constantly disappear in gyms. There are many day classes that you can attend with the benefit of the case: makeup basics, cutting and sewing courses, and driving lessons. His passion makes a woman more significant.

Accumulated lack of fulfillment is usually expressed in cavils to her husband (Where was he? With whom did he speak?), Which gradually destroys the marriage. And women who are busy with something of their own are usually calmer, which only strengthens the marriage more strongly.

And finally: if a woman says that she is not satisfied with the current state of affairs, but at the same time she does not change anything, then you should trust the deeds, not the words. There will always be those who say “I can't because of the child ...” And there will always be those surrounded by those who, even with two, with three children, found time to earn some money at home, find a hobby, learn something new.

I wonder: who do you consider yourself to be?

Especially for - Katerina

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