Household. apart or together

Emancipation brought with it a previously unseen gender equality. The mastering by women of the purely masculine aspects of life passed gradually, allowing the weaker sex to gain more and more rights and opportunities. Over time, the fair sex infiltrated the police, the army, the parliament, the presidency, went into space.

It would seem that feminists have achieved everything they wanted, but ... True battles of the sexes have not ceased for more than a hundred years in family life. No, we are not talking about who is the boss or who has more inheritance. No, everything is much more prosaic. The apple of discord in the new era is domestic chores: washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking.

Women reasonably believe that this century is a time of great opportunity. The female hand is felt in sports, politics, science, art. Accordingly, if we were able to divide these spheres, then, of course, the responsibilities for housing maintenance and raising the offspring should also be distributed between a woman and a man.

And suddenly it turned out that men do not agree with this state of affairs. After all, genetic memory says that he is a breadwinner and protector. Forces must be directed to fight in a cruel world. But women - is another matter! In order not to incur the danger, he stays at home and kills his boredom with various kinds of entertainment, such as: cleaning, washing, ironing, children.

Social status


It should be noted that in the modern world not all women would refuse such a role. If the family on the income of her husband lives quite securely, then why should a woman spend her strength at work? In this case, there are many advantages in the household:

  1. Realization of design abilities. What woman does not dream of regular alterations of their own homes? And when more and income allows ...
  2. Culinary experiments that are carried out with a full refrigerator products are much more interesting than with empty shelves. The use of home appliances greatly facilitates all the work both in the kitchen and in the rest of the house.
  3. The opportunity to feel like a beauty expert. What woman does not want to try the latest trends in the field of cosmetology? And the pleasant smells of personal care products are simply created to plunge into the relaxing world of scents.
  4. Comprehend the joy of motherhood. As you know, the role of mother is very responsible, stressful and expensive.

Such a hostess is happy to spend time in the kitchen, creating delicacies for her earner. Leisure time is spent on yourself, your favorite: going to a cafe with girlfriends, visiting a dance or a gym, pleasant shopping.


But in the middle class, everything is somewhat different. Wives sometimes work on equal terms with her husband. Therefore, their desire to share household duties equally well is quite natural. But, not every average father of the family is ready to throw his favorite sofa and help with household chores. Threats at weaning from the body may temporarily tilt the scales on the side of women's justice.

In the role of a housewife, a woman finds many minuses for herself:

  1. Fatigue after housework starts to accumulate, and lack of rest leads to nervous breakdowns or frustration.
  2. With a complete refusal of work, there is a dependence on a man who brings in insufficient funds for the full existence of the family. A man often begins to assert itself at the expense of his wife.
  3. Feeling like "discarded life: when people no longer perceive a woman as an interesting person.
  4. Life for the sake of others, not yourself.

In such a situation, the marriage itself becomes endangered. Ultimately, a vicious circle turns out for men: either earn a lot and dictate your rules, or do not earn a lot, but help with household chores.

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