Home as a place to work

Working at home is fraught with not only benefits, but also "pitfalls" that you need to know. Households often can not only not support the idea of ​​earning in their native walls, but also in every way interfere with the implementation of their plans.

Within your own home, you can do anything: glue envelopes, make postcards, write articles, distribute the products of network companies, organize a home garden, train careless schoolchildren and students. If you have regular customers, you can reach a stable level of income. Those who decide to work at home are very attracted by the lack of transportation costs. But when households in every way distract from work, “burden” household chores, they really want to run away from their misunderstanding.

What is the reason that the closest people refuse to "enter the position"? Most often, these are remnants of the past, still Soviet, education. Usually there are several lines of behavior of relatives and friends in relation to the freelancer, who sat down at home.

"Another game"

So say those who have never tried to make money at home. Or tried, but without success. And any initiative in the financial sector begins to be perceived as something comic, not bringing a tangible income. This conviction can be partially broken only after the first solid checks, weighty purchases and constant demonstration of income growth. If you do not show your income, you can run into constant accusations that imaginary employment interferes with the communication and execution of household chores (washing, cooking, cleaning).

"Unreliable Work"

Most often this view is held by the older generation. For any reason, it may begin to talk about how it is better to get a "normal job" with an established schedule. Parents may indicate that now you can not get a good retirement. In this case, the arguments and the reference to the fact that the current retirees barely pull the month on the meager transfers of funds from the state do not help. Perhaps, the only solution could be the registration of business activities and contributions to the Pension Fund. But this option is possible only with high incomes. Otherwise, taxes will “eat” the lion’s share of earnings.

"Homely business"

Husband and children can not immediately appreciate the contribution of the mother in raising finance. Those friends who are on maternity leave with a child are usually not averse to chatting on the phone. And here comes a conflict of interest: in order to get more remuneration, you need to do something more, and not spend time on cooking and talking on the phone. It is very difficult to explain to friends that you now have a job and should not be distracted by trifles. On the other hand, it is also necessary to rest. The way out of this situation is very simple. Make yourself a "work schedule", during which the phone is turned off or the answer is prepared, "I'm busy now, call back after 17". All household chores are just outside this time. You can talk on the phone while cooking or when ironing is done.

Of course, every family has its own laws of relationships. And even if your case did not get into one of the options considered, you can still find a way out! Because who else knows the character of loved ones as well? It is you who can find the necessary words to convince them of the seriousness of your intentions to earn a living in this way. Successes to you and prosperity!

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