Hen party ideas


Probably, every bride dreams not only of a beautiful, magnificent wedding, but also of a no less memorable and vibrant bachelorette party. Making your own bachelorette party a big space for flying fantasy. After all, this event you can always mark exactly as you need, do in the process what you want, have fun the way you want. Bachelorette party marks a farewell to an unmarried life, so you should spend this day and evening just great!

Home hen party options

I would like, of course, on this special day, for example, to go somewhere, to go somewhere. But sometimes circumstances do not allow us such a luxury. However, you can have a great party at home.

For example, use for this event directly your living space. This option is suitable for lovers of warm gatherings with friends. After all, when you are together, you do not need anything special. You yourself create a festive atmosphere for yourself. As for the atmosphere, by the way, then we must try. Since you decided to stay at a bachelorette party at home, the room should be properly decorate and decorate.

Surely, at a house party, you and your friends will be secret, remembering the past and dreaming about the future. That is why the atmosphere is so important. It should be friendly and warm, to have a conversation. Such The gatherings will be a great option for you if you are tired of all the pre-wedding fuss.

If your wedding will take place in the warm season, and you have a wonderful country house, then you will be shown backyard party. Americans like to hold such events. Such a bachelorette party can be stretched to the whole weekend. You will need to decorate the space, prepare any contests and competitions. You can install hardware with music. Try to do stylized party in the spirit of American teenagers. You will be very fun. By the way, if the bride doesn’t have such a house with a plot, but one of the girlfriends has it, then the latter have a great opportunity to surprise the bride.

Try to spend at home real tea ceremony. To do this, do not be lazy to invite a specialist, whom you can find, for example, in some Asian restaurant. This person will not only show and tell you how to make different varieties of tea, but will also tell you a lot of interesting things about the drink itself, the traditions of its preparation and use. All this is very tasty, interesting and useful.

Exit ways to carry a bachelorette party

On this special day for you, you will want something special. Try to do what didn't do before. For example, fly. Aircraft choose yourself. You may want to admire the surroundings from the "corncob", or maybe you want to fly a hang glider.

However, even more original solution would be a balloon flight. A sea of ​​delight and impressions you provided! It is as exciting and interesting as it is romantic.

Dedicate time to yourself and its beauty in some good spa. You will not just be able to relax, you will bring great benefits to your beauty and your health. Before the wedding is very important. In addition, visiting the salon collectively with friends is very fun and exciting. And leave you there beautiful and contented.

If you still decide to acquire new experiences and have enough time and money, try make a trip, for example, on the sea or in another city. New atmosphere, new experiences and unforgettable pastime.

Find some exciting events in a foreign land and be sure to visit them. Take a camera on a trip, arrange a photo session for yourself. Your task on this day is to have fun.. If you want to learn more about that newest place, you can order an interesting and unusual excursion.

If you choose a vacation at sea, be sure to stay there at night and meet the dawn. Nobody forbids you to arrange, for example, a beach party. Going to such a bachelorette party, you can either plan everything in advance, or, on the contrary, do everything spontaneously. Doing what comes to mind is incredibly interesting, and most importantly - you will get an incredible sea of ​​unforgettable impressions.

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Forming the script of your bachelorette party, remember that this must be one of the best and most unique days of your life. What it will be - gentle and homely or invigorating, filled with adventures - exclusively your decision. Feel free to embody your great ideas on this day.