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Recently, appeals began to appear in the media to take the children away from the computer and on the television screen, to join the sports life. The younger the generation, the more susceptible to a sedentary lifestyle. Doctors of various specialties are sounding the alarm: younger diseases associated with ophthalmology, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system. But it is well known that some problems can be noticed and warned at the initial stage. First of all it concerns diseases of adolescence. For example, associated with the endocrine system.

Visit the endocrinologist is worth if the child has a small height compared with peers. But this is on condition that close relatives (mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother on both lines) are medium or tall.

Problem slow growth occurs due to insufficient production of growth hormone somatotropin in the pituitary gland responsible for this part of the brain. If slow development is not noticed on time or ignored, then in the future it will be much more difficult to reverse the consequences. All endocrine glands are closely interrelated. Thus, the disruption of the pituitary gland can affect the work of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pancreas and cause various complications (up to and including diabetes).

But especially significant for a child is his psychological balance. Small stature is a fertile ground for the development of complexes or a manifestation of aggressiveness towards higher one-year-olds. Constant temper can significantly spoil the character of a teenager, so you should pay special attention to the child's mental state.


The primary task of parents whose child is clearly lagging behind in growth will be consultation with an endocrinologist. If the diagnosis is confirmed and a course of treatment is required, then it is better not to postpone it for “later”, but immediately give proper attention to this issue. Will require psychological support for the child. It is not recommended to conceal any information, but to frighten with complications is also not an option. Even if a teenager treats the treatment frivolously, should be sensitive and understanding. It is better to explain that this is just an age-related disease that will disappear without a trace if you patiently follow the recommendations of a specialist.

Be sure to say that playing sports stimulate the metabolism and accelerate the regenerative processes in the muscles and bones. All this, in turn, "causes" the pituitary gland to more actively produce growth hormone. Of course, not all sport is good for growth, so you should carefully select the appropriate options. Weightlifting, boxing or wrestling will strengthen the bone apparatus, transferring the body’s resources to the restoration and development of individual muscle groups. And this may prevent active growth up.

The most optimal sports:

ü Swimming - the spine in the water is most relaxed, almost does not feel pressure, the muscles lose in volume, while maintaining elasticity and endurance.

ü Basketball and Volleyball - constant jumping and working only with its own weight without burdens helps to better “pull” the body. Muscles become elastic and elastic, the spine and joints, receiving the necessary elements, direct them to an additional "lengthening", and not to strengthen the walls of bones.

If visiting this kind of sports is impossible, then you can choose a public sports ground. These are still found in some courtyards and, of course, complement educational institutions. Special equipment is not there. Usually crossbar for pull-ups and parallel bars for push-ups. But this is enough to stimulate the growth of the child. Being engaged in 1-2 hours a day, you can achieve the natural stretching of muscles and bones, which under their own weight will also strengthen and become resilient.

It happens that a child is embarrassed to show his weakness in front of strangers or, especially, with friends. Offer him to study at a time when there are fewer people. For example, late in the evening or in the early morning. You can start going to the playground together. One of the best ways out is to make the crossbar at home. But before that, the room should be well ventilated so that the body has enough oxygen to successfully conduct the classes. Now a wide range of various accessories is presented in sports shops, so the choice of the necessary crossbar should be easy.

With regular classes and impeccable adherence to the recommendations of a specialist, you will notice improvements after a short period of time. Remember that your attention and participation in the life of your children will sooner or later affect you. You can not be indifferent!

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