He does not make an offer. why


You have been together for quite a long time. It seems to you that it is high time to move on to the next stage of your relationship. But the man, for some reason, is not in a hurry with this. Why he does not make you an offer? After all, you would like to gain the status of a married woman as soon as possible.

Psychologists estimate that on average for the period from dating to wedding most couples spend a year and a half. Therefore, if you have not yet come to this date, there is nothing to worry about. But the same psychologists say that 2.5 years - the period when you need to decide. Either you break up or you are playing a wedding.

Scientists who deal with issues of relationships and marriage say that if your relationship was long and calm enough, without constant explosions of passion, then your subsequent marriage It will be more durable and durable, unlike those couples who signed for a short time after they met.

The same scientists single out three types of relationships:

  1. fast and fast;
  2. slow, balanced, calm;
  3. average.

It is possible that your fit the third definition, and the wedding you have in front, and nothing to worry about.

Possible reasons why a loved one is not in a hurry to the registrar

  1. If you already live together, he may simply not understand why register your relationship. For him, you are already a married couple. You have a common life, goals. Overall budget, so what else do you need?
  2. Perhaps he is serious about marriage, and therefore he is afraid of taking on such responsibility as a spouse and, possibly, children. While you are not married, you can not make claims to him on many issues. And when become the official wife, such a right will appear.
  3. It happens that a man is just not ready for marriage. He admits the possibility that you are not the last woman in his life. And, therefore, does not want to confuse the bonds of marriage "here and now."
  4. Maybe he already had bad marriage experience. And a lot of nerves were spent on divorce. And now he is afraid that the situation may happen again. Therefore, living with you without registering, wants to make sure that the situation does not happen again.
  5. Sometimes a man, quite sincerely, may believe that you are comfortable with the situation. If you never told him that read registration and wedding, he may not know how important this is for you.
  6. Some men are afraid after gaining the status of a spouse to lose their independence. They just recently flew out from under my mother's wing, and here again they have to report to someone.
  7. And finally, his mom! There are men over whom mom holds power all her life. Perhaps this is her decision do not register your relationship yet. Maybe she doesn't like you. Or she thinks that it is too early for her son to commit herself.

Whichever of these (or not of these) reasons fit your situation, you need to do something about it.

What to do to the wedding march played soon?

  1. First, try to voice your desire. Who knows, suddenly the beloved admits that he has been thinking about it for a long time, but he did not dare to suggest that you go for it?
  2. Tryyourself make him an offer! This is no shame! Do not live waiting for a miracle! If two people love each other, is it all the same who makes the first offer ?!
  3. If you do not want to go ahead, and it is important for you that the man himself decided to take such a step, try to hint to him about his desire. Start a conversation about the future. Ask about his plans. Watch carefully if you are in these plans. If in the future he sees you as his wife, hint that you are not going to play a wedding this summer!
  4. If you are a bold person, then directly ask him why you have not yet received the invitation to marry. If, in response, he makes clear arguments that it is not time yet (he earns money for housing, wants a wedding abroad), then you can be congratulated. Your man is a serious man. With him you will be like a stone wall! Just worth the wait.

And if a man begins to wag his tail in every way, move away from the topic, get annoyed, then at present he is not ready to move to a more serious level of relationships.

  1. Make him jealous. By nature, most men are terrible proprietors. And seeing that the fish can swim away, he may wish to catch her forever in his nets. Just do not overdo it. Otherwise, everything can end not a wedding, but parting!
  2. Find an online article about marriage benefits for men. Print and put in a visible place. This, at the same time, will become both a hint and information for consideration. Among the advantages are the following: man married starts to earn more; a married man has better health; Well, and finally, sex in his life becomes much more and it happens more often!
  3. Just do not put him an ultimatum! This could be the beginning of the end of your relationship!

Everything has its time. Someone gets acquainted, after a month, runs to the registrar office, spending a lot of money on a wedding celebration. And after six months divorced. And someone meets for years, until he realizes that it is with this person who wants to be all his life! And then they live until old age! So do not rush and do not worry. If this is your man, you will definitely be together under one last name!

Love you and understanding!