Happy woman - happy family

At all times, people argued over who occupies the dominant position in the family: husband or wife. On the one hand, the main one, of course, is a man. After all, he - the breadwinner, stone wall, support and protection for every woman and, in general, for the family. But there is another opinion. Home is the one that supports the warmth and comfort in the house, gives birth and raises children, inspires her man. You can agree with the first opinion, you can with the second, but it is worth asking: Can a family be happy if a woman is unhappy?

Would be cute next ...

One famous song says that this is women's happiness. Indeed, when a woman is with a loved one, she receives sincere, comprehensive, incomparable pleasure. From this the world becomes beautiful, it seems that happiness completely captures, fills all life ... But, the higher we take off, the harder it is to fall.

What if the beloved husband turns out to be a traitor or a tyrant or eventually stops noticing ... Can life next to such a beloved be called happiness? Awareness of all this leads to the fact that a woman becomes suspicious, prudent, often hysterics arise. And not only the husband can suffer, but also those around him (children, parents, friends). Would it ever occur to someone to call such a family happy? Happiness is possible while the woman feels beloved and necessary. Then everything is given to her with ease, any work, any communication with loved ones turns into joy. Such a family is stronger than any stone, and relations in it are warmer than the most comfortable rug.

Fathers and Sons

Every mother wants the children to love her, obey, help and understand her. Virtually any woman hopes that the children will not only take what she gives them, but also share a piece of their kindness and love with her. True happiness for a woman is harmony in relationship with her children.. When she has the opportunity to spend with them most of her life, walking with them, telling them bedtime stories, giving advice, sharing sadness and joy. A woman who feels the love of her children is happy and radiates this feeling, extends it to every family member. It turns out that everyone is happy and the whole family as a whole.

But if the children do not make a woman happy? This can happen for various reasons: from periodic quarrels, to complete misunderstanding. Imagine that you love a person with all your heart, but you do not get the return from him. No matter how caring and loving the husband is, the child is still more important and his mood and behavior influences the mother. Generally, if you want to maintain healthy, good family relationships, learn to get along with your children! This will no doubt make you and your family happy.

Happiness is in love and freedom

Freedom - one of the sweetest words in the world. Everyone has the right to freedom, but not everyone gets it. Someone breaks the law and loses it, and someone does it quite consciously, without knowing what its absence could lead to in the end. And the following happens. Wanting to find happiness for themselves and their future children, a young girl marries a man who loves her, and also rich with it. A beautiful, rich, prosperous life - is this not happiness? And what if in time you start to feel driven into a corner, completely dependent on the person who is your husband and father of your children?

Usually, people in a situation when they realize that they are losing their freedom, they begin to create situations in which they can feel it again. For example, have fun in nightclubs, start a variety of novels, and so on. However, all this also does not bring happiness. The result: an unhappy woman is a "dead" family, more precisely, the absence of such. In order for a woman to be happy, she should have some freedom, the ability to choose, change something in her life, and distract from the daily routine.. If husbands take this into account, the family will be strong and happy.

Nevertheless, I want to remind, dear women, that everyone is a blacksmith of his own happiness. No matter how hard the husband, children and relatives make you happy, until you go to them in this initiative, nothing will come of it. Just think about what the family is happy only when every member feels it. Therefore, the state of your household depends on you, because if woman is happy - family is happy.

Especially for womeninahomeoffice.com.ru - Marie Matveyuk

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