Happy wedding congratulations

Happy Wedding Day congratulations - this is a special category of wishes, because each of them laid the wisdom of previous generations, which builds the foundations of family happiness and longevity of marriage. Do you want to say a beautiful toast at the wedding or read the original quatrain? Nothing is easier! Take advantage of our ideas.

Beautiful Wedding Day Greetings

Beautiful Wedding Day Greetings

Having received a wedding greeting card with an invitation, we are most often dealt with double feelings. On the one hand, the joy that you can personally see the reunion of two loving hearts. On the other hand, panic, because you will need to say toasts and read congratulations. How beautiful it is to wish young people love and well-being, to convey their life experience, to prompt and protect their family life from the pitfalls, while expressing gratitude for the honor to attend the wedding?

In fact, congratulations on the Day of Marriage can be expressed in prose in your own words or you can write a small excerpt in rhyme. It does not really matter, as long as everything goes from the soul and a pure heart. Think about what you would like to hear on such a significant day and try to recreate your wishes in congratulations.

A good example for inspiration can be such congratulations on Marriage Day in prose:

  • "Dear bride and groom! On this joyful day, you secured your love and your marriage to become one. Let these threads, which connect your hearts, only become stronger every day and never break. Let your days always be filled with smiles, and funny voiced voices of children are heard from the rooms. Take care and appreciate each other, be a strong support in grief and enjoy common achievements together. Stay always the same young and manage to carry your love through the years. "
  • "Blessed is the man who has earned himself a good wife. So let your house be filled with smiles, kisses and hugs, respect, understanding and loyalty. We sincerely congratulate you on your wedding day!"
  • "I always felt that both of you were made for each other. And finally, I can be glad that you decided to be together for the rest of your life. I cordially and sincerely congratulate you on your wedding! Let your mutual love, respect and happiness last forever. "

Lovers of creative approach to the preparation of wedding wishes can write congratulations on their wedding day in verse or use our example:

  1. We wish you happiness

And love is a huge ocean.

So that you have made more good

And kiddies fulfilled the plan.

So that they build their nest,

Cooing like doves

So that family days pass

In happiness, caress, joy, love.

Let the sky be blue above you

And the sun sparkles always.

So that life was calm and happy,

And harmony for many years!

  1. Dear ours!

We are glad to congratulate you on your wedding

And wish not to know the separation,

In luck, joy and sorrow -

Always hold your hands.

Let it be a holiday forever

Well, in the eyes - only tears of happiness.

To your love and loyalty

You carried through all the bad weather.

What more could you want?

Children beautiful and obedient,

And never forget

About kindness, tenderness and friendship.

Congratulations to young parents

Happy Mother's Day Congratulations

Parents are especially careful about wedding greetings, because for them it is not just a holiday. On this day, their beloved child finally became an adult and created his family. Probably, it is impossible to convey all the emotions that the parents of the bride and groom feel at this moment. But it’s still worth a try, because for young people these are the most important words.

A good example is such a wish from the parents of the bride:

Dear sweetheart today does not know -

Light, cute angel. Near - good-in-law.

Congratulations, kids, and wish,

To the light of the sun, affection and good

Your cozy home has been filled.

Let there be a children's cry and laughter in it,

And fate does not make any noise.

All your wishes, plans and dreams

Let them be fulfilled without any fuss.

Life you live in peace and good,

And do not think only about yourself!

We will be there in grief and trouble!

Congratulations from parents in a comic form will be very creative:

Love power wins

And problems, and trouble.

Only once she happens

Like spring in the garden.

For family comfort,

For consent in all

Speak all straight.

We are giving the order:

To go on vacation,

We lived peacefully and in harmony,

To grandchildren gave birth to us

At least once a year!

Happiness to be lush

Like lilac in bloom,

And adversity passed you

And in the house, and life.

Short toasts and SMS greetings

Congratulations on Wedding Day

For fast toasts or SMS greetings, long poetic and verbal poems are not suitable. In this situation, short quatrains or phrases will come to the rescue, for example:

  1. Let this fairy tale

Last many long years.

May love, kindness and caress,

Carry you warmth, peace and light!

  1. We are glad to congratulate you heartily,

We are at the moment of the birth of a family.

May loyalty, reliability and happiness

Brighten up your joint days.

  1. Today we wish the family young

Good luck, prosperity in everything,

And so at their golden wedding

Were still happy together.

Cool options

Friends and those who are in close relationships with the newlyweds can congratulate on the wedding in a comic form. Successfully such congratulations and wishes can be compared with the presentation of a gift. For example, buy a first-aid kit, and in turn putting items into it, say these phrases:

I give you an effervescent vitamin so that love is mighty.

It does not hurt here and the bandage, so that in life there was no offense.

I’m putting Zelenka here to give us a little boy.

Well, the girl to give birth, I want to give you iodine.

I will add here and wool, so that you live very richly.

And so that love will last forever, I give you heart droplets.

Or just present congratulations and wishes in the form of a joke, as long as it doesn’t touch on the shortcomings and is fairly harmless:

Very often, to extend your race

In the registry office hasten the people.

And to give birth, I will give a lot of,

Married at this point!

And do not want marriage

Suddenly turned into a chain of fights?

Then you love each other -

Give yourself an heir!

Well, make sure your child

Was the spirit of crepe from yogurt.

Marrying, now you are brave

And never get divorced!

We hope that our selection of congratulations on Wedding Day will help you decide on your wishes and inspire creativity.

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