Happy couple - yura and susanna

Son Leon briskly plays with dad Yura, funny commenting on everything that happens. Every five minutes together they come up with some incredible adventure. They are already in a hurry to draw Susanna into mom's fun, but she will join them a little later when she finishes making delicious tea and her specialty sweets ... When you watch this trio, it seems that in the whole world there is no, and there simply cannot be anything bad, sad or scary. In their house, joyful laughter always sounds, and the atmosphere is saturated with love and happiness!

Tell us where and how did you meet?

Susanna: It turned out funny: we somehow went to a movie in a movie, and there we noticed each other. But we met much later, through one very common acquaintance, at her home.

How much are you together?

Susanna: We met in 2006, started dating in 2007. More precisely, we immediately began to live together. And got married after 7-8 months. In general, we have been together for 5 years.

How did you understand that you want to be together? Why did you choose this particular person? What was the key point?

Susanna: Honestly, there were no key points and thoughts like "why?", "Is he this?" Even for some reason there was no doubt. We just listened to our hearts! Well, now, after the passage of time, sober, so to speak, I can find explanations. I don’t get bored with Yura, I’m a very silent person by nature, all in my quiet world (especially in my youth I was such a person). And here comes the indefatigable incessant Yura, constantly some surprises, trips to new interesting people ... Thanks to him, I have many more friends than I could have. And he is a very good father. Even if I have a reason to leave, run away, quit, I probably won’t be able to deprive Leon of such a dad!

Have you ever quarreled, and did you get to partings?

Susanna: Of course, we quarreled! And we quarrel periodically until now, but with each quarrel we get to know each other better and better, gain experience. I don’t know if a week can be called parting ... There was such an unpleasant moment at the very beginning of the journey, I will not recall any further.

How do you put up? What is the secret of success in reconciliation?

Susanna: Now we have peace with the little things, some funny moment, and more often - Leon! It happens somehow by itself. And in the first years Yura was reconciled, since I would be offended, then forever and everlasting (although I consider this to be very poor quality) ...

How did the appearance of a son affect your relationship?

Susanna: The time spent on each other may have become less, but there are more of us! You can cuddle with your husband, then cuddle with your son, and then cuddle with all three! And I, of course, believe that children strengthen relationships! And who does not strengthen, those are fools! (Laughs)

Have you had hard times in your life and how did you overcome them together?

Susanna: They were, they were ... They overcame not only together, but also with the help of friends and relatives. And if they also quarreled in these difficult times, they did not manage without the support of their loved ones. To overcome problems, you need to want to overcome them!

What allows you to maintain a relationship so far?

Susanna: Love! And also a son, duties, the desire to be together, so that the family to the end of days! Together well, warm, fun !!

Did jealousy take place in your relationship, if so, how did you cope with it?

Susanna: Well, without it? Frankly, jealousy is difficult to cope with for me and Jura. Therefore time copes with it! And fatigue from quarrels and the instinct of nerve self-preservation help me cope with time ... (Smiles)

Did Passion Have a Place? And is she still in your relationship?

Susanna: Oh yeah! Of course it did! Had and once again had! Now it only flashes from time to time. Fatigue is different, you see ...

What is love for you?

Susanna: This is something stupid, sort of like, you lose your head, succumb to temptation, but you don’t stop thinking. To understand how to be together all your life, how to go through all these difficulties, how to truly recognize this person with whom you need to communicate on his notes, half become like him. Love is the ability to forgive, forget the bad, insulting. Love is such a different, I would say, being. And how nice that for him there is no exact definition! To love, you need to be strong, smart and healthy ... (Thoughtful) But no, it is necessary to save love!

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