Happy couple - kristina and suren

Christina and Suren live far away from each other, but this does not prevent them from loving. This is what Christina tells about their relationship.

Across the distance

"I was 17 years old, I never thought about finding a boyfriend, never fell in love and was cold and reserved enough person. And my upbringing and traditions did not allow the message of a free lifestyle! Two years ago, in November, my aunt’s brother , invited my family to his wedding. But it turned out that my parents did not want to go: we were distant relatives, and the wedding was to be held in the city of Stary Oskol. But it turned out that my uncle and aunt could not drive in my car and asked my Dad to take them, and so I went, I gathered literally the last day!

I had a lot of fun, met many people and found new friends. Among them was Alyona, the sister of my future boyfriend, Suren. At the wedding were his parents and his brother, but Suren himself did not come: the session began early and he could not leave school, because they live in Tambov! Alena and I exchanged ISQ numbers. The wedding was over and I returned home. 2 months have passed.

Already on January 19, I went to ISQ and saw a message from him. I rarely answer, but I saw the city - Tambov and realized that Alena had tried. We began to communicate. It turned out that I was so enchanted by his relatives that when they came home they talked about me. Suren looked at my photos from the wedding.

So describes this moment Suren: "I saw a photo of one very beautiful cute girl, the lights lit up in my eyes, and my heart began to beat twice as fast."

We talked another month. In March, he confessed his feelings to me. It was so extraordinary, because at least there were people who paid attention to me, but from him it was like something special. He wanted me all the time. Then my parents learned that we communicate. My father forbade me. We did not communicate. So, occasionally - I could not stand it and answered his messages and calls ... ".

First quarrel

“Once there was a quarrel. Since we communicated on the Internet only and had never met, I could not answer him“ yes ”or“ no. ”I made a condition - if he comes to me, I will give him an answer. Suren promised to come to my graduation, but did not come, then there were still many unfulfilled promises. Then the "good people" intervened. They said that he was small, had no serious intentions, he was playing. It was very painful. Sometime in August I told him that stop communicating.

We did not communicate until December. I went to college and continued to live, but I was not happy about anything ... In the end of December, my relative died, I was very depressed. A few days passed, and my brother called me anxious, said that Suren wrote to him and asked me to at least go to the ISQ and talk to him (he told his brother that he should have surgery in the morning). It turned out that he was found swelling in his throat, he didn’t know if he would survive, asked to return, but I replied that I would support, but I could not return ...

Suren, when he talked with me and realized that I would not return, I decided to write my name in my hand with a pen, but she did not write. Then he cut out my name. He says that if he died then (God forbid), his relatives saw the name of his beloved

New Year has passed, Suren again wrote to me. I didn’t care about my pride, and I answered: we started talking again. It revealed. that then the same "good" people told him that I was waiting for his arrival in order to get married. And when his parents heard this, they did not let him go to Rostov. After all, he was 19 years old and he could not support a family, he was also a student

And we decided that we will not listen to anyone else, we will be together no matter what! ”

Long-awaited meeting

"Our meeting took place on April 2, 2011. I was very much looking forward to meeting. Suren recalls this moment like this:" They met, in the eyes of both burned love, they did not say a word, but just looked at each other! And when it came time to say goodbye, they could not hold back their tears, you will not command the heart! The young couple loves each other very much, the distance does not allow them to see each other, but they believe in each other and wait for them to connect FOREVER! "

We live in different cities. But we trust and trust each other. January 19 will already be 2 years as we know.

Love for us is not just words ... I myself have not yet spoken these sacred words to my Surenchik, but he patiently waits and is madly in love with me. And waiting, because we have a girl can say this only once. After our meeting, I told my father everything. He understood me - I honestly did not expect this. But he did not allow us to do cardinal acts and gave us a year to test our feelings. We do not need it. But so that there are no obstacles and quarrels, we patiently do everything ...

Soon everything will be determined. It remains to wait a few months. Although we already know that we feel for each other and words are not needed ... We know that we will always be together ... ".

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