Happy couple - julia and ivan

Tell us where and how did you meet, and how many have already been together? How did you understand that you want to be together? Why did you choose him (her)?

Yuliya:I will answer these questions immediately, telling the story of our acquaintance, you yourself will understand everything. Our story is quite interesting and unusual. This meeting is not one of those that constantly happen to people in the club, in a cafe, on the street, with friends, no. Perhaps, to begin with, we met on May 1, 2008. I was only 15 at the time, and Vanya was 18, and we were just in the same place at the same time, quite by accident. This place was a beach in the town of Suja, where we lived. Late in the evening, when it was already quite dark, I went there with a friend. We chose a long bench under a big tree, where we sat and talked about our girlish themes. At the same time, Vanya and his friends came to this beach, they sat on a bench, not far from ours. After some time, a figure separated from their company and headed towards us. No, it was not Vanya, but his friend. He approached, stood in front of us, put his hands in his pockets and did not utter a single word. Just stood. My friend and I froze ... And then they started laughing.

The guy, without saying anything, turned around and went back. We still kept laughing, it looked really funny. A little later, the whole company approached us and, oddly enough, we finally started talking to us and we met. It was almost midnight when only I, my girlfriend, Vanya and his friend were left on the beach. It turned out that we broke into pairs. At first I was sitting with Vanina’s friend, but then they changed places, and I was near him. Honestly, at that moment I met a guy, but did not feel any feelings for him, except for friends. And I was embarrassed for it, I was worried and therefore did not try to find someone more suitable. Then it seemed to me that I did not need a relationship at all. But just one look turned my whole life.

All this time, while we were on the beach, I didn’t even know what the guys sitting next to me looked like. I didn’t care, I just had to talk to someone, digress. In addition, it was really dark and almost nothing is visible. The lights were off. But when Vanya sat down next to me and started talking, I felt that I wanted not only to hear him, but also to see. I lifted my head ... At this moment, the moon appeared from behind the clouds, and with it a dim light.

In this moonlight for the first time I saw the same person with whom I still want to live the rest of my life. He was very thin, thin, in a simple jacket and faded jeans, with dark hair just below the ears, as I loved. He also raised his head. His features were soft, I saw him in profile. The eyes are large, bright, as if the moon was reflected in them. The voice is soft and quiet.

I just looked at him and was silent, I did not even know what to say. Moved closer. Put her head on his shoulder. He fell silent and gave me a little hug. Then he turned on the phone song of the group "Systemofadown" and it turned out that both of us like it. That song has become ours. We talked and understood that our tastes are very similar, we have a lot of common friends, we often visit the same places, and it’s strange that we haven’t met before. I then realized that I had met a truly loved one, from whom I did not want to leave.

By the way, at the age of 15, I, like many teenagers, was informal. She listened to heavy music, dyed her hair black, wore long sneakers and black t-shirts. Such Vanya met me. On the beach, we all began to speak on this topic, and for some reason the conversation turned to such a ritual as incest. And then a friend of Vanin suggested trying to do it. My girlfriend flatly refused, but he managed to persuade me. Under the hand was only a jar of cola, which I drank. I twisted it in half, tore off the top and left only a piece of the lower part. In the end, the initiator, I made a cut in the palm, then myself. In fact, I was very afraid of the sight of blood, now I probably could not have been able, as I could not cut Van’s hand then. He did it himself. Afterwards, the three of us firmly shook hands with each other and considered the ceremony to be perfect, and each other - brother and sister. As time went on, my friend and I had to go home. The guys went to accompany us.

And then my friend and I remembered that we wanted to pick tulips on the way back home. A whole bed of beautiful tulips was on the way and belonged to some grandmother. My friend and I showed the guys the same place. They, without hesitation, volunteered to fulfill our little and not quite pleasant desire for the mistress of flowers. Vanin's friend picked several large tulips for my friend and limited himself to this. Vanya decided to surprise me. He pulled out a large part of the flower bed, choosing the most beautiful flowers. And he pulled them up by the roots. I went home with a gigantic bouquet that I could hardly hold, but happy ...

The morning of the next day began for me with the fact that I, before the end of not waking up, thought: "What an unusual dream. It will be a dream ... I wish I could now like tulips ...". Then I felt pain in my hand and began to realize that maybe it was not a dream. I looked at the hand - there was blood. I literally jumped out of bed. I was terrified. Under the bed I was waiting for another surprise - a bunch of tulips and earth. In the bag I found someone else's lighter and a piece of tin can. I immediately grabbed the phone and called the very girlfriend. She lived through the house from me. Hearing her voice, I realized that not only for me this morning was a revelation. A friend said just a couple of words, the last were "I'm already running towards you, open up." A few minutes later she was standing on the threshold in one pajamas, like me. We sat in my kitchen, drank tea and thought about what happened yesterday.

I understood that I fell in love completely and irrevocably. I didn’t know what to do with it, it seemed to me that yesterday’s boyfriend had already forgotten about me and would never remember again. As I later learned, he was thinking the same about me. In the end, I decided to try at least once again to meet with Vanya, I really missed him. Although a friend dissuaded me from this, I did not want to listen to anything.

Our first date took place only four days after May 1, but it is this date that we consider the beginning of our love. And every May 1, I expect a bouquet of tulips from Vanya ...

Have you ever quarreled, and did you get to partings?

Yuliya:Of course, they quarreled. We often quarrel, but usually put up immediately. Earlier, at the beginning of a relationship, I took all offensive words very close to my heart, I was very worried. I guess I behaved like this because of my young age. Now, when we have been together for almost 4 years and we know all the advantages and disadvantages of each other, the quarrels are completely different. And I treat all the words addressed to me differently. I know what he really thinks about me and what he says is just offense at certain moments. Therefore, some things have long ceased to be offended. True feelings come first.

The secret of how you put up?

Yuliya:Yes, no secrets. When you really love a person and want to be with him, you do not need to look for an excuse to make up. We do it all by itself, because our feelings and desires are mutual.

Have you had hard times in your life and how did you overcome them together?

Yuliya:Every person in his life sooner or later there are changes, there are ups and downs, good luck and failure. We experience together everything that happens to us. Since the time when we met, a lot has changed in our life, but we were able to save ourselves individually and us as a whole. The turning point in the relationship was the time when I graduated from school in Sudzha and went to study in Kursk. Vanya then thought that we would part, I will change, to meet someone else. I convinced him otherwise. And nothing bad happened.

Short breakup even strengthened our relationship. We see each other once a week, on weekends. 2 years in a row we met every day and it was a little difficult to get used to seeing each other 3 days a week, but we could. In addition, we talk on the phone, every day we communicate on the Internet. I believe, if people want to be together, no circumstances can prevent them from doing so. Sometimes you have something to give each other. But a compromise can always be found.

Do you have children, and how the birth of children influenced your relationship?

Yuliya:We have no children. We are still too young, I study, Vanya works. We will think about children in a few years, when we are confident that we can provide for ourselves and the child. Did jealousy take place in a relationship? If so, how did you cope with it?

Yuliya: Both he and I are very jealous by nature. Other guys like me, other girls like him. But we love each other too much to change. I am sure that Vanya has never cheated on me, whatever other people would think about, proclaiming the polygamous nature of men, the frivolity of women and everything in this spirit. There are exceptions to any rule. And we are a living confirmation of this. Did Passion Have a Place?

Yuliya:Passion should always be. And although over time it fades away, nothing prevents it from reappearing at certain moments.

What is love for you?

Yuliya: For me, love is the most important thing in life. The realization that there is a person who is always ready to help, support and listen, who loves you, gives you the strength to live and move on. Please give advice to readers.

Yuliya: To be happy, you need to love not only yourself, but also those who are ready to be always with you, no matter what.

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