Happy couple - hope and cyril

Hope and Cyril found each other in the network, and long distances did not prevent them from being together. According to the couple, the secret of a happy relationship is to be yourself, not to pretend and not to try to seem better. Only honesty, sincerity and naturalness can create a harmonious relationship between Men and Women.

Tell us where and how did you meet and how many have been together?

Hope: We met with Cyril on the Internet. I saw him in the list of “people” in the social network, and something inside was jammed, I added him as a friend. Two days later, they began to correspond, simply in a friendly way, and then they realized that we could not live without each other, stopped communicating with everyone, sat for six months on the network and corresponded day and night, did not even go for a walk. It was only interesting together. He is from another city and is 7 years younger than me, but I was more interesting with him than with any of my peers. And six months later they met and were not disappointed. And then again for six months - the distance, it was not possible to be together, again on the Internet. And then I went to live with him. And, in general, we have been together for 4 years.

How did you understand that you want to be together? Why did you choose him?

Hope: I do not know how Cyril realized that he wanted to be with me, but I felt that I understood him, that his views were close to me, that he was the one whose image I had been painting to myself all my life. I never thought of meeting, maybe, therefore I didn’t get along with others. With him, I could have been myself, not playing and not building from myself the one that he could have liked, just to win his sympathy, and he adored me the way I am.

Have you ever quarreled, and did you get to partings? The secret of how you put up?

Hope: Yes, we quarreled, but we can't take offense at each other for more than five minutes. Everyone understands that it is stupid to sulk, and whatever the reason for quarrels, we put up quickly. It is worth looking at each other, as a smile grows from ear to ear and all offenses are forgotten!

Have you had hard times in your life and how did you overcome them together?

Hope: Were each other's support, encouraged that everything would be fine, it helps a lot in difficult situations. It gives strength to overcome obstacles. The main thing is that we are together.

Do you dream of children?

Hope: Yes very.

Did jealousy take place in a relationship? If so, how did you cope with it?

Hope: Yes, jealousy is present, especially from his side, everyone is afraid of losing each other, but, thank God, this happens very rarely! Because there is no reason for it.

Did Passion Have a Place?

Hope: Not really, I think our relationship is built on higher feelings than passion.

What is love for you?

Hope: For me, love is about caring for a loved one. It means being close to him in a moment of joy and sadness.

Please give advice to readers.

Hope: Happiness depends on both, not on one. To be happy together, you just need to love each other, love so that you like everything in your beloved and beloved, all the advantages and disadvantages, love so that nothing in him (her) is annoying, because of what conflicts would arise, then there will be happiness! And in order to meet your soul mate, you need to believe that he (she) is, that you will meet her, look for her! Always search! And ask for higher powers, the sky, nature, so that they help you with this! And when you meet, you feel that this is yours, you have to be yourself, act like you behave with friends, do not draw yourself, so that you are honest with yourself.

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