Happy couple - eugene and alexey

Eugenia is bright, impulsive, emotional and hot-tempered. Alexey is calmer and more modest, it would seem that they are complete opposites, but this didn’t stop me from falling in love with each other and have time to play the wedding.

-Hi, tell me how you met?

- Evgenia: It was quite a ridiculous and ridiculous acquaintance. I sat that evening and studied the exams, and my mother sent me to the grocery store. On the way, I met my acquaintances, they went to a cafe and offered to go with them, I agreed to sit with them for a while. Alexey approached them later, at first he did not make any impression on me. Strange, but I gave him my number, and we began to communicate. Alexey called me and offered to meet all the time when I was bored, I agreed, probably, such perseverance and melted my heart. I myself did not notice how gradually I started feeling.

- Alexey: In our first meeting, I immediately paid attention to Zhenya and decided that I would definitely get her. I do not know why, but I had a feeling not only of love at first sight, but a feeling that this person is very close to me.

- How did you decide on the wedding?

- Alexey: Our relationship developed fairly quickly, so we didn’t wait too long with the wedding either. We got married six months later, and now we have been together for six years.

- Do you have any children?

Evgenia: There are no children yet, we just recently moved to a new apartment and are doing repairs there, but we already really want children. I think as soon as the repair is over, we will deal with this issue.)

- Quarrel often?

-Evgenia: Yes, we quarrel very often, almost every day does not pass without a quarrel. Probably, this is because I am so explosive and often psyche on trifles. If my husband were not my opposite, then we would hardly have gotten along, but Lesha is wiser and tries to smooth out conflicts, although in principle this is a women's duty (smiles). But it also happens that Alexey is offended at me, and if I used to think that he was nagging me, now I understand that I myself often am not right.

- And how do you reconcile and seek a compromise?

Alexey: When two people love each other, it is difficult to live in a quarrel and misunderstanding, I want to make peace more quickly, I don’t even know who offers a compromise more often, it’s equivalent to us. Zhenya is more emotional, I rarely take offense, but if I take offense, then this is serious, but we both are quick and cannot live long in a quarrel.

- How do you surprise each other in a relationship?

Evgenia: We used to have a lot of romance, I always tried to arrange surprises for Lesha, and he did it to me. Somehow on his birthday, I came home from work, covered the entire room with rose petals, and I myself waited on the bed in beautiful linen with strawberries and champagne, my favorite was very surprised, and there were many such moments. In general, I constantly try to please my husband with some small surprises, I recently made a big poster with our photos together, or on the most usual weekday I prepared his favorite dish and bought movie tickets.

Lesha, too, often surprises me with flowers and accessories, which I love very much. But despite this, I do not have enough tenderness and romance in our relations now, it seems to me that it is very important not to get dirty in the routine even after many years of living together, and at least once a week to arrange a mini-holiday together.

- Is passion, jealousy present in your relationship?

-Evgenia: Of course, there is both jealousy and passion, when you love from this you cannot get anywhere. Less passion is now now than at the beginning of a relationship, but after quarrels we often have a new period of passion and love, because you rethink everything and understand how important a person is to you.

- What is love for you?

Evgenia: For me, love means appreciating and accepting a person as he really is with all his strengths and weaknesses, I think we love a friend exactly for bad and good qualities.

- Your advice to readers "womeninahomeoffice.com.ru"

- E. and A .:Love your friend and never put restrictions on your friend, more tenderness and affection, and of course more feelings and emotions!

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