Happy couple - denis and kira

Recently, a long-awaited event happened in this young family - the Shuklin couple drove into their own apartment. Ahead, of course, are the years of payments in the ottoteka, but the head of the family, Denis, treats this temporary burden with humor.

Tell us where and how did you meet?

Denis: We met in the gym at the volleyball section. Kira came to learn to play from the factory where she worked. And I was among the professionals (I have the 2nd grade) who were invited by old comrades to play for the same factory. That's where I saw her. She was good! We changed clothes in the common room, so I fell in love, I can say, right away. I told the guys, "Maybe try with her?" And everyone supported me: "What? Try it!" So I offered Kira individual volleyball lessons. She agreed, however, I never taught her to play! But we didn’t have it before. Dates began, then I called my beloved on a hike with the “Pass” and to replace the “Vertical” camp (these are youth organizations I was at that time). And, as they say, gone, gone!

How much are you together?

Denis: This year is our anniversary - we have been together for 10 years. We met in the winter of 2002, from 2003 we began to live together, and our wedding took place in the summer of 2006.

How did you understand that you want to be together?

Denis: It must be fate! It so happened that before our meeting for some time we were actively searching and were already a little tired ... And when we finally met, we realized that we were very close to each other. Something like this!

Have you ever quarreled, and did you get to partings?

Denis: Of course, we quarreled, because it is inevitable ... But the parting did not reach, because all quarrels in their main mass are domestic!

Do you have the secret of reconciliation?

Denis: The main secret is time and mind! Time passes, the blood cools down, the snowy mountains conceal, and comes the understanding that you need to forgive your beloved because you still live with him and live! But I think that this does not apply to serious things, for example, such as treason ... Fortunately, we did not have this.

How did the appearance of children affect your relationship?

Denis: We have two kids. Son George was born on November 22, 2006, the daughter of Eugene - April 2, 2010. And the sequel, as they say, follows! The appearance of Zhorik family a little upset. The way of life that had been firmly established over 4 years was disturbed. Again, there are all sorts of extensions ... Joke! Pretty quickly everything came back to normal, and our family was already thoroughly prepared for the birth of their second child. So the appearance of Zhenya our relationship only strengthened!

Have you had hard times in your life and how did you overcome them together?

Denis: Hard times are about to come, we bought an apartment and, starting in December, we pay. It will last for 10 years. But the main thing is that we are together, that the children are healthy, and that we have our own roof over our heads!

What allows you to maintain a relationship so far?

Denis: I think this is the tradition of parents! They did it, here we live, we keep relationships, we make children, we went to the theater yesterday!

Did jealousy take place in a relationship, if so, how did you cope with it?

Denis: Probably, there is a little bit ... We are reluctant to reluctantly handle.

Did Passion Have a Place? And is she still in your relationship?

Denis: Passion? Somehow I do not remember ... But something was exactly ... (Laughs) I'm lying! I remember everything! Now, of course, it is no longer so ... Just a lot of circumstances interfere: the grandmother in a nightie comes in during a passion, then the children scream "stop swinging"! (Laughs)

What is love for you?

Denis: The most difficult question!

Love is ... The most beautiful and at the same time incomprehensible feeling. It is very different. Without it, everyone would be very sad!

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