Happy couple - anna and sergey

Their meeting was not at all accidental. Probably, the very fate made these people take a step into the arms of each other. And for the past few years, neither quarrels, nor jealousy, nor envious people have been able to destroy the idyll reigning in the relationship of this incredibly beautiful couple.

Tell us where and how did you meet and how many have been together?

Anna: Sergei and I have been dating for 4 years now. And do not regret any day! For the first time we were introduced to friends, after which we became friends. As time went on, we looked at each other ... And then we saw ourselves in each other, if I may say so. After another walk with friends, left alone, he took my hand, looked at me with his blue eyes and said that he wanted to talk with me for a long time, but he did not dare. And it turned out the right moment.

How did you understand that you want to be together? Why did you choose him (her)?

Sergei: I never met such a sensitive and understanding girl like Anya ... And I told her that evening. And then offered to be together.

Anna:To be honest, I, too, was not indifferent to him, and even talked about this to my friends. They advised him to confess his feelings, but Sergei was ahead of me, which I am still very happy about!

Have you ever quarreled, and did you get to partings?

Anna: For all the time that we are together, not everything was as smooth as we would like. Small squabbles also happened, but thank God did not reach the partings.

The secret of how you put up?

Sergei:In such situations we tried to put ourselves in the place of another. Most likely, this is our secret of the world.

Have you had hard times in your life and how did you overcome them together?

Anna:During that period that we were together, there were many different situations ... But our families also became very friendly, and together we help and help each other.

Do you have children, and how the birth of children influenced your relationship?

Sergei: No, we do not plan children yet.

Did jealousy take place in a relationship? If so, how did you cope with it?

Anna: We both learn. I'm on the manager, and Sergey on the designer. And in connection with the profession, he often communicates with many girls, which is what made me jealous. Of course, I understand that jealousy will not lead to anything good.

Sergei:I believe that any relationship should be based on trust, and without trust there can be no understanding.

Did Passion Have a Place?

Anna: As without her!

What is love for you?

Anna: I think that for some people love is when they are next to their half, others - that love is their whole life. I believe that love is when a person becomes the meaning of your life, you live it, breathe it, think about it every split second and literally fly.

Please give advice to readers.

Anna:Trust each other, and everything goes much better than when you let jealousy drop by drop your relationship ...

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