Happy couple - anna and eugene

This couple literally infects everyone with their optimism and positive, they seem to be funny and incendiary for each other, but after 4 years of relationship they managed to break up and reconcile, and now they are planning a future wedding. Anna told us about her relationship.

Hi, tell me how you met?

Anna: Our common friend introduced us and we did not succeed in a classic love scenario, unfortunately or fortunately. At that time, I was at the stage of parting with my former fiancé, and out of spite he decided to start a romance with his new acquaintance Zhenya. It so happened that I broke up with my fiancé, and our fleeting affair with Zhenya developed into a relationship, and now we have been together for 4 years.

Photographer - Lana Gushchina

How did you decide to live together?

Anna: As such, we did not take the decision, I just began to spend the night often at Eugene, sometimes I left some of my things with him and gradually moved to him.

Are you going to legitimize your relationship?

Anna: Yes, recently Zhenya made me an offer, and we are planning a wedding in the summer.

Agreed without hesitation?

Anna: Yes, I immediately agreed, of course, for 4 years of relationships, I have repeatedly thought about how Eugene would look like her husband, and it’s silly, in my opinion, to build a serious relationship with no further perspective.

Are you planning to have children?

Anna: We plan, but not all at once.

What qualities have you loved your partner for?

Anna: It is difficult to say for what qualities, but Zhenya suits me in everything. I will not say that he is perfect, but this is the kind of person I’ve been looking for a long time, he has a good balance of humor, firmness and ability to care for a woman, all those qualities that are very important for me in a man.

Have you had a separation?

AnnaA: The hardest period we had was when we broke up for several months and thought that for good, but we could not stand without each other and now we are not parting.

What was the reason for your separation, if not a secret?

Anna: It's not a secret, just at a certain moment we are tired of constant quarrels, omissions and complaints. I was hurt that Zhenya could not pick up the phone when I call, go for a walk with friends without warning me. And I, probably, demanded too much from him at that time, in general, everything was trivial, but constant quarrels killed any feelings and after another quarrel, we both rested and decided that was enough. But still, then they missed and almost simultaneously began to call, write to each other.

How are you looking for a compromise in a relationship?

Anna: In some trifles we are looking for a compromise with the help of humor, we are both very funny and try to translate much into a joke, but if it comes to serious conflicts, then we just try to close our eyes to something, be tolerant.

How do you please and surprise each other?

Anna: Zhenya is just a master of surprises, he may unexpectedly give me a thing I dreamed of for a long time, or suddenly report that we are going to rest. Recently we were with him in Prague, such beauty is there and feelings seem to have re-flashed there! And I, in turn, try to always show maximum feminine warmth and care to him. And of course, any couple should not forget about the sexual side of relationships, for example, I like to always try something new in this regard.

What is love for you?

Anna: I read such a definition of love somewhere - this is when a person's pain is more painful than your own, in my opinion, this expression reflects well the whole essence of love.

Your advice to readers "womeninahomeoffice.com.ru"?

Anna: Do not try to build your relationship according to generally accepted rules, often happy couples are obtained in the most unpredictable way!

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