Happy couple - anna and anton

Tell us where and how did you meet and how many have been together?

We met when I finished the eleventh grade. All exams were passed and a few days before graduation, my friends and I decided to go to a barbecue. The weather was not very good, so we decided to stay in the country, and not in the forest with tents. Misha is the owner of the cottage, suggested that his elder brother bring us things. Everyone agreed, as this solved many problems. There were about ten of us - one big company, everyone has known each other for a long time.

And then he appeared - tall, a little awkward, some kind of gloomy, only after the army. In general, there was nothing attractive in him for me ... Yes, and he had a strange, heavy look, he had been watching me all evening. I asked Misha what a strange creature it was, to which I received a categorical answer: “Do not go to my brother! He’s been dating a girl for 5 years !!! Well, somehow I still had it. It was night, I went to bed first to the second floor, but then ... lo and behold! Anton (the same) himself came to meet!

How did you understand that you want to be together? Why did you choose him (her)?

The day passed, I did not expect a call, but the phone rang:

-Hi, this is Anton, found out? My brother gave me a number. Can I see you again?


Seeing him again, I realized that I wanted to see him again! And he constantly called, wrote sms, asked how are you, we walked every evening. It was so easy and simple with him ...

That's probably why I chose him or, on the contrary, he chose me!

How did your future relationship develop?

Alas, all good things end sooner or later. That summer was coming to an end. My plans have changed a bit and instead of VSU I preferred KSU. Anton was upset, because he entered Voronezh, and not in Kursk, like me. It was necessary to disperse. This is the beginning of the end!

He left, stopped writing, changed the number. A couple of months passed, and then he wrote a text message: "Hello!"

I don’t even remember if I experienced ... Routine - study, there was no time to worry about the house. The session began, all my time was studying. But our communication began to resume. And one fine evening he just called and said that he thought a lot about me that he could not forget me. And then there were three words that any girl wants to hear: "I love you!".

To my surprise, there was no limit, tears just spilled from my eyes! I waited, the session would end soon. He came, asked to meet, came with flowers. And from that moment we do not part!

Have you ever quarreled, and did you get to partings?

A year of our relationship has passed, a year without quarrels, full of warmth and love ...

Have you had hard times in your life and how did you overcome them together?

As for hard times ... When I feel bad, he always encourages me, says words of salvation to me. And I respond to him in return and always ready to help.

Do you have children, and how the birth of children influenced your relationship?

We have no children, but we really want a family and children. In my opinion, only for the sake of family and cost to live!

Did jealousy take place in a relationship? If so, how did you cope with it?

ROLE ... This is a problem, but it can be overcome. And I'm jealous, and Anton. Up to the fact that no one was standing next to me! But you can cope with everything, the main thing is not to give reasons for this jealousy.

Did Passion Have a Place?

I don’t hear, if I say that only the touches and kisses of Anton, I get real pleasure. When breathing quickens, from his subtle touch of goosebumps all over his body. How nice to feel welcome when you are tightly pressed to yourself, covered with kisses face, neck, arms, chest ... I want to answer him the same.

So the nights full of love, hot kisses are very uplifting!

What is love for you?

Love is a strange feeling. In childhood she is one, in her youth another. For me, it is to feel welcome, so that together we can feel good, calm, and know that you can rely on your loved one. To be for someone the meaning of life, waking up in the morning in the arms and knowing that you will not be thrown. That's what love is! This is complete dedication, this is life for another person!

Please give advice to readers.

Ladies, in order not to be painfully hurt for aimlessly lived years, get pleasure from life, she is one! No need to get depressed that everything is bad, nobody loves me. We must live and enjoy this life!

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