Happy couple - alina and ilya

Tell us where and how did you meet and how many have been together?

Alina: We have been together for 3 years. Met on the Internet. Rather, we were introduced by a friend, because he needed a kitten, and I then sold them. He never took the kitten from me then, but less than a year later I became his kitten.

How did you understand that you want to be together? Why did you choose him?

Alina: He liked me for a long time, and for me he was just a good friend. But then he began to change dramatically and very much, I liked these changes, and I decided to give him a chance.

Have you ever quarreled, and did you get to partings?

Alina: They quarreled, and it came to partings (although in the first six months they didn’t quarrel at all!), But every time they realized that we could not live without each other, that each of us became a part of each other, and therefore we could not even be offended for a long time and always all quickly forgive!

The secret of how you put up?

Alina: The secret of the truce? Just accept each other as we are, accept that the beloved is different and also has the right to a different opinion and mistake.

Have you had hard times in your life and how did you overcome them together?

Alina: There were very difficult times in the relationship, and I already wanted to throw everything, and if it were not my love, we would have parted long ago. But with his love, his acceptance of me for who I am, he saved our relationship at that time with his faith in the best.

Do you have children, and how the birth of children influenced your relationship?

Alina: Children have long wanted ...

Did jealousy take place in a relationship? If so, how did you cope with it?

Alina: Jealousy almost never happens. Beloved in general, I have never given a reason for jealousy. Although, I think I am a jealous person. Yes, and he rarely jealous of me. Just the most important thing here is absolute confidence and self-confidence. When you trust a loved one, when you believe that you are the best for him, there is no place for jealousy.

What is love for you?

Alina: Love for me is inspiration, warmth, flight, creativity, dance, music, passion, joy, happiness, trust, acceptance, friendship. This disclosure of oneself in oneself and in one's beloved. It means to see in the beloved the whole Universe, when no one else is needed: why? In love there is everything! And when a loved one is revealed in me in the same way, we become One ...

Please give advice to readers.

Alina: Love unconditionally, unselfishly! And accept each other as you are!

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