Happy couple - alexey and anastasia



Alexey : “It all started with music. I played in a band, and we needed a female voice, and then our drummer said she had a friend. I thought that I needed to talk to her more closely. I took her icq and wrote a couple of messages. I was not very sociable, but I was able to interest her, and we made an appointment. It would not have been strange, but I was very worried before meeting with her. And then this hour came and I saw her. It was as if struck by lightning. I saw her. She stood and smoked. Though I didn’t like it, but she was smoking a cigarette. "

And how it recalls Anastasia : “When I saw his eyes, I was a little confused, I had to pull myself together to say hello. We walked almost all day, we were interested, each of us was telling something .. By the end of the day I noticed mutual sympathy, but the meanings didn't give it much ... "

Alexey : “I could feel her trembling in her voice. But still we went for a walk. We talked all day — I don’t remember how or what, but we were terribly interested with each other. It was late autumn, it was cold. We were both lightly dressed. She offered to take her hand. I took. We both felt the warmth between us. And no one knew that this heat will continue to this day when I write these lines. And further, after the rehearsal in the same group, we kissed, it was unforgettable! "

Feelings grow

Anastasia : “For the first few months, we literally did not move away from each other, which is why quarrels with friends constantly occurred: they say, you don’t pay attention to us, and so on. But later everything fell into place. The funny thing is that our friends discouraged we are from relationships with each other, as mine said: he is too small for you. And him: she doesn’t suit you, weird, but only one person was for us, which is our best friend at the moment. A lot has happened between us during our relations, and there were quarrels, and every major one, but rather, they remind me more of a transition between the stages of relationships, because not only we grow, but feelings also change, and they also change. Particularly long quarrels were not. But there was one that I will never forget. It was a winter evening. My phone was stolen, I’m all on my nerves, and I don’t even remember the cause of the conflict, I remember that I lost my temper, word for word, and she covers me and I start to run, a state like an affect state, I remember that I stopped when I heard that I’m running follow me. Then in the evening they joked about this topic. "

Life is divided into two parts

Alexey : “Probably the most important thing in a relationship is trust, when you are completely open with your other half, when you are confident in it. After all, the person with whom you are in a relationship somehow gets closer to you than your best friend. The main thing is not to be afraid talk about what worries you, if you hide something in yourself, then later it will grow like a snowball, and it is unlikely to bring something good. And so you should always make compromises and fight to the end for the person who In general, if we quarrel with each other, no matter how seriously, on trifles, e runs 20 minutes, and we put up. Not everyone can be so, the pair broke up because of the rubbish, which we easily passed before my eyes.

Anastasia:"People really valuable to you are those after which life is divided into 2 parts, before meeting with this person and after"- this quote is about me. I love and appreciate my soul mate. In general, love is a time-tested feeling, sometimes even more than one year old. So find your lovers, and appreciate them. Try to quarrel less and make compromises. And if this is your man, in no case do not let him go on his own. "

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