Happy couple - alena and aleksey

Alena and Alexey have been together for more than a year. They are happy. The most important lesson their story teaches is to never give up! Loving, believing and waiting, no matter what.

Beginning of the story

Alyona: “I can't remember dreaming about someone concrete or I had the perfect image I was looking for among guys. I’ve really vaguely remembered August 2008, the time when we met. I remember that I really wanted to to fall in love to switch from one person to another. Fall in love? Get - sign it!

I remember on August 4, 2008 - I went to the park to run in new videos. There I met my present young man. I met a company of four guys, and one of them was he. According to the law of the genre, I paid him the least attention. Then we began to communicate in contacts, ICQ .. And a month later I understood - Alena, you got it! Every evening we corresponded, I could not fall asleep normally without talking to him. The conversations were seemingly friendly, but there was something more in them. Or so it seemed to me?

After another couple of weeks, I could not stand it and wrote that he was sympathetic to me. (Let's not talk about pride now. To open the cards first - it has always been my chip!) He also seems to have reciprocated. We could not meet for a long time despite the fact that his university was not far from my house. About another month passed, the end of September - and we finally met. At that time we were acquainted for about two months. We were sitting on the beach, together, around nobody ... Then the first time I told a man that I love. There was no answer. Our story hasn't really started yet. "not". He seemed to like another or something similar. For six months I fell out of life. It was, perhaps, the first so "serious" love. During these six months, we have only met a couple of times. But continued to correspond, call back. How much I suffered - scary to remember".


"One girl was replaced by another, and then suddenly I was in the place of his girlfriend. How much happiness - words can not convey. And how much pain, resentment and hatred there was, when after a month and a half I was thrown without explanation - certainly not to tell. I tried to strike him out of my life, but a month later he burst into it again. As a friend, of course. It was no friendship. There is a lack of relationship (now they call it that), you love me, I am friends with you, everything is super. I think I was a good friend. When another beauty broke his heart, I was there. By the way, the beauty was my best friend. Needless to say that now the former?

Then we celebrated New Year together, everything was like a fairy tale and after too. I waited, when did I finally become more than just a good friend. Patience lasted for a month. And in February, I once again heard the hated phrase "just good friends." I started walking and dating other guys, everything was very good for me. But for some reason sometimes “I miss” broke into the handset. I started another life, convinced everyone around (and myself, including him) that the past was over, and I believed, hoped and waited".

On the volcano

"I think those who read it all consider me an abnormal masochist. Although people who have had something like this happened in life, they understand me. I waited, waited and waited until May holidays - he called and called me on May Day. Naturally, I agreed. Again, everything is like in a fairy tale, everyone is piously sure that we are a couple ... And I sit in his arms and think: "tomorrow it will end, but you shouldn’t be hurt, tomorrow it will end, but you it shouldn't hurt ... "Tomorrow it didn’t end, and the day after tomorrow, too. I blamed it on the fact that I was sick. He’s Always attentive when I was sick. I recovered. And he was just as sweet. And the farther, the more I felt like his girlfriend. But he didn’t confirm this. Then something like a feeling of revenge leaped in me. I know this is not good, but I wanted to prick him a little, so that he would feel at least a millionth part of what I experienced. I walked with friends until late (he was jealous of one guy from the company of my friends), went to parties without warning. And even if with a warning, it was still not very pleasing to him. During the next “scene of jealousy” I could not stand it and said “I don’t owe you anything, we have free relations with you”. I did not see his face, because We swore on the phone. But he said in such a voice “oh, free ...” that I even felt scary - did I overdo it?

In general, all summer we had "like a volcano" - scenes of jealousy interfered with bouts of love, quarrels - with kisses ... Autumn came, I tried not to think about our future. I consoled myself that in the extreme case I would find someone in the academy. Then somehow it was not up to our relationship at all. I had a study, KVN, plus, the conflict began in the team of this very KVN-ovskoy ".

Happy end worth it

"On October 20, 2010, I crawled home from the rehearsal. Nothing foreshadowed me a fabulous evening. But then my phone rang. HE RINGED! I didn’t suspect anything even after they asked me on the phone what I would do and whether I left for English. I didn't go to English, so after twenty minutes the phone rang again. At the request of the caller, I flew down (almost literally) along the stairs to the courtyard and soooo ... a surprise awaited me in the person of the meanest and most beloved guy who made me an offer that was impossible to refuse. No, they did not call me to get married, it was still too early for me! I was offered to be together. Of course, I agreed.

We have been together for more than a year. I am happy that I did not give up completely. May I have experienced an incredible amount of pain, in the end, I achieved my goal. Practice shows that my story is the exception rather than the rule (alas). But if you feel that this is your man at all 1000 percent - do not give up! Happy ending is worth it. "

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