Handsome man - successful man

To be successful in the turbulent age of cosmonautics and nuclear energy, it is no longer enough to have a Ph.D., knowledge of languages ​​and tracking GDP growth. Components of success, regardless of the field of activity, were such factors as: appearance, manners, speech, sense of style.

Century wisdom "Meet on clothes ..." nobody canceled. We are used to looking at beautiful women on the street. There is even a certain stereotype of a beautiful woman: stylish clothes, perfect makeup, well-chosen accessories.

And who are such beautiful men?

Muscular macho, who imposingly stroll along the beach and catch admiring glances? Or elegant intellectuals wearing gold-rimmed glasses? Or maybe brutal males with a three-day stubble and light fume?

Even women cannot understand this "assortment", opinions differ so much. But, nevertheless, you can give a hint to a man about how to stand out from the crowd and increase the chance of success:

  1. A handsome man should be clean. This does not mean that you need to shave off all the vegetation on the body for "cleanliness and tidiness". At the very least, it will look a bit strange.

Agree - a large arsenal of detergents for different parts of the body does not just take place in the bathroom. In addition, since childhood we know that "unclean chimney sweeps - shame and disgrace!" After all, the smell is of great importance for women who are happy for their beloved to pick up a special smell of cologne or shower gel.

And after a business meeting it is better to let a slight fragrant reminder remain than the unpleasant scent of a multi-day exposure.

  1. A handsome man should be able not only to stand up for himself, but also to follow himself. This applies to clothing. No tears in clothing, wrinkles or blemishes. Alas, but socks with holes in Europe are not in fashion now. And the shirt that lain under the sofa for a long time, too.
  2. Strong male hands - the dream of every woman. But pure strong male hands are generally the ultimate dream. At the same time, clean strong male hands with a manicure can cause a pre-ecstatic condition.

Going to a business meeting in a suit from “Brioni” after sorting out 3 tons of potatoes is worse than not coming at all. Not that the deal will not take place, but the reputation will obviously suffer.

To rank a man with a manicure as a sex minority in our time can only be a native resident of the collective farm "Noun". In the near future, a manicure can become as common as brushing your teeth. This does not mean that the nails should be covered with a colorless varnish. But the usual cutting of the cuticle, the formation of the nail plate significantly change the appearance of the hands.

Although, of course, you should not talk about visiting a manicurist in a sports bar, many will not understand.

  1. Skin tone John Kennedy became a national favorite not only because of fiery speeches and promises of a brighter future. He liked his voters for the perfect tan. Pale skin went out of fashion in the 19th century (the descendants of Dracula may not agree, but the facts are stubborn things).
  2. Sports activities. Nothing gives a man such confidence as knowledge of their own strength. The man who has overcome defeat, is looking for revenge and all the time striving for victory. He charges others with his energy, does not give up the desperate, takes the blows of fate with his head held high. The easy gait, the developed shoulders by themselves cause confidence. A man, keeping himself in shape, just attracts the eye.

Imagine now two types: with one “try on” all the above, and from the other “remove”. Now honestly answer yourself: who is more likely to achieve better results in life?

Especially for womeninahomeoffice.com - Katerina

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