Golden wedding

When we first marry at a young age, all relatives, friends and guests wish us many years of living together. But few people manage to live together for 50 years. And those who have crossed this line are worthy of special respect and honor, because despite all the hardships and troubles, in joy and grief, they always stayed together and supported each other for many years. Spouses are already in old age and do not like noisy cafes and restaurants. But you can celebrate this round date and at home in the family circle.

In our article you will find many fascinating ideas and useful tips for writing a script for a golden wedding at home.

Golden Wedding: comic script

Holding a golden wedding at home: what needs to be considered when organizing?

The anniversary of the golden wedding is celebrated almost as magnificently as 50 years ago. To make the holiday go smoothly, you have to work hard to organize and conduct it. But before you start drafting the script, you need to carefully consider some of the nuances of preparation:

  • Decide on the number of invited guests. If they decided to hold the celebration at home in the family circle, then it is worthwhile to limit to inviting only the closest relatives.
  • Send invitation cards to guests in advance. You can make them yourself or buy ready-made, decorated in gold style.
  • In the evening before the scheduled celebration, decorate the house or apartment where the celebration will take place. The arch from fresh flowers in yellow tones will look very beautiful.
  • If a restaurant was chosen to hold a golden wedding, it is better to give preference to one where guests will feel comfortable. The room that closes from prying eyes is best suited.
  • In order for the momentous event to be permanently remembered, agree with the videographer and photographer.
  • If a trip is planned during the celebration, book a suitable car for the "young" in advance.
  • If you have a big family, then you can invite a host for an anniversary. However, it is worth noting that one of the guests or family members can assume this role.

Do not forget also to take into account all the wishes and advice of anniversaries for the celebration, because by and large this is only their day.

Golden Wedding: comic script

Golden wedding

Often comic wedding scenario is more suitable for a younger couple. But if your anniversaries chose this option, they should not be denied.

You need to set everyone up for a fun comic wedding in advance. There are many ways to do this, not only during the celebration, but also before it starts:

  1. Send out greeting cards with humor. You can as an invitation to record a funny video with the participation of "newlyweds".
  2. Before starting a feast, lay out comic surprises on the table near each guest.
  3. Share with the leader information about the hobbies and achievements of anniversaries and beat it in a comic form, can be represented as a sketch.

Wall newspaper

Communism and socialism are gone into the distant past, but do not forget the times when our heroes of the day married. A funny wall newspaper made with your own hands will be a huge success if you follow some simple tips:

  • The original name in the spirit of communism, for example, "Give youth" or "Forge personnel."
  • In the wall newspaper, you can paste photos of the "newlyweds", made at different stages of family life. You can arrange a collage of different photos, for example, to glue an adult head or something like that to a child’s body.
  • Various comic advertisements can be used as subheadings of the newspaper: “Only the strongest reached the final of the battle”, “You give marriage with a quality mark”.

Funny Chastooshkas and cartoons

How do you do without ditties when writing a comic script? A lot of options can be picked up on the Internet and, if necessary, remake in your own way. It will be funny if ditties are sung by the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the “newlyweds”.

Also, the hall can be decorated with spiritual caricatures of not only the "golden" spouses, but also their relatives. You can do it yourself, if you have the makings of drawing, and by hiring a special cartoonist.

The scenario of a golden wedding with family

The scenario of a golden wedding with family

A golden wedding is a special celebration that gathers all the closest and dearest people around. This is an excellent example of cohesion and unity. That is why the most appropriate option for a celebration - a holiday in a quiet family circle. When writing a script, you can take into account all the traditions of a normal wedding, but in some modified version:

  1. Guests line up in the living corridor, each need to give a handful of coins with gold sparkles in advance. As soon as the spouses appear on the threshold of the room, golden rain and congratulations on their jubilee begin to fall on them.
  2. All guests are invited to the table to try the loaf. Nobody can refuse this rite.
  3. Presents are given to the heroes of the day, sincere congratulations and toasts are coming.
  4. If the health of the "newlyweds" allows, you can hold a dance. But when choosing music, consider the tastes of different generations.
  5. When it is evening outside, the lights are turned off in the hall and candles are lit. Rite of passage rings. The spouses inherit their gold rings to their relatives, and in return, the children give them new ones. Very nice and touching.
  6. At the end of the feast, you can hold a ceremony with a bouquet of the bride.

Golden Wedding Contests

You can announce a contest for the best congratulations for the newlyweds. Let the spouses choose the winner at the end of the evening and hand him a solemn prize or diploma.

One of the contests can check how golden anniversaries know their entire family. To do this, it is necessary to prepare in advance small leaves with the inscriptions of the dates of birth of children and grandchildren. Spouses are invited to take turns pulling out the leaves and answer what date they are written on. This contest is very relevant when there are many children and grandchildren in the family.

Another very interesting contest is called "Who is the boss in the house?" Of course, the anniversaries themselves for the long years of living together have long divided this post. Therefore, guests will find the host. Give everyone a unique questionnaire in which you will need to write your observations and make a choice between husband and wife. Such bulletins can be saved as a souvenir. And to give the most original guest a letter or a gift.

How to choose a song conversion for a golden wedding?

Golden Wedding: script

As a congratulation from children and grandchildren a homemade song-remake is perfect. Such congratulations will love parents.

Choose any song that is familiar to everyone and very close in spirit to golden anniversaries, redo it in your own way, taking into account your traditions and customs, add your names. You can also find and select a ready-made song. But keep in mind that it is better to remake everything in your own words than to give out anything insignificant learned text.

Whichever of the proposed scenarios you choose, always remember that spouses celebrate the event, and try to make an unforgettable holiday for them. Creative inspiration to you!

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